By the time you read this, I will be three days into a week-long digital sabbatical (it ends on May 5th).  If things are going as planned, the only posts you will see Scenic Shorelines by Runciescattered across my social media spaces will be ones that have been pre-arranged, pre-planned, and pre-staged, with the exception of the occasional Instagram photos of cups of coffee, the golf course, or a particularly beautiful cocktail.

As I’m writing this a few days before my sabbatical is scheduled to begin, I’m feeling a touch anxious.

Now, I’m a big fan of allowing yourself to feel, but sometimes it’s a challenge to access the feeling you’re seeking if you haven’t experienced in ages.

A recent notice from my local library, though, made me realize that maybe I should have included another R in the mix of my focus this year: Relaxed.

Rested and I are intimate friends.  Playful and I are tight.  I’m also intimately acquainted with immersed, creative, fulfilled, loved, and passionate.

But relaxed? Darling, it’s been ages.

So, I’m going to unplug for a week and see if I can remember what it feels like to feel relaxed.

So, what’s the library have to do with all this? I had checked out a book by a favorite author – the latest book in a series I’ve been reading for a decade and three weeks later, I hadn’t even cracked it open.  My typical consumption of fiction is usually a book (or more) a week, but the last three books I’ve read were all work related.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my work.  I adore my clients. I love reading books for work.  But, baby, I’ve devoured fiction for as long as I could read, and this year, I just haven’t been reading enough romantic fluff (or spy novels).

And for me, this is a signal that I am off-plan.

Though I love the beauty of serendipity and believe it has a huge place in our lives, I also believe that in order to create big things in your life, you need a vision – and a loose plan.

Visions are an overhead view of the pieces that create a life you love.

When I look at my big juicy vision, it includes work that lights up my soul, excellent meals created with my own two hands, passionate kisses, glasses of wine under the moonlight, and a ravenous consumption of all things prose in cozy chairs and poolside.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m also a realist.

In order to make my vision come to fruition, it’s going two more things:  a plan and taking action.  You need a plan because without a target to aim at, it’s throwing spaghetti on the wall.   And darling, if you think you can make a vision a reality without taking action, you’ll be stuck in the “dreamer” space.

Part of being a realist is understanding that sometimes  I’m going to get dirt under my fingernails. You have to be willing to do the work. Sometimes, you have to know when to ease up on yourself.  And sometimes, darling, you have to shake things up when a big chunk of your vision is missing.

For me, unplugging is mixing it up.  It’s changing the day-to-day rhythm of being electronically connected with folks near and far. To force the pendulum to swing in another direction (or else stop and reset).

At the end of the week, I’ll have an idea if it’s my vision that needs adjustment, my plan that needs tweaking, or if all I needed was a big dose of relaxation (and a stack of novels).

What about you?  Do you have a vision?  Are you living life by the seat of your pants?  Or are you holding so tightly to a plan of how things are “supposed” to look, that you’re about to snap that plan in half?

Clearing Soul Clutter – Creating Your Vision  can help if you’re seeking some clarity around what you desire for that overhead view of your life, it may be your ticket.

So, ‘fess up:  do you have a life plan? What clues you in to the fact that you might be off path? How do you shake things up?