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Re-Frame Your World to Create Your Flow


I have this amazing modular closet, with racks and shelves and a built in clothes hamper.  And I love it.  When we moved in, I immediately found a flow for my stuff: dresses on the left, pants on the bottom right, shirts on the top right, folded clothes on the shelves to the left, and shoes […]

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Shush Your Inner Critic: Reach For Help

Shush Your Inner Critic: Reach For Help

It hurts my heart when I hear about the sufferings of others.  It drives me to go into action, desiring to comfort and then brainstorm in an attempt to help them uncover what’s really going on.   There is something so transformative that happens, once you can get to the why. And to be totally honest […]

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Create White Space & Love Your Life More

Create White Space & Love Your Life More

Every time I sit to write to you, my dear, I write with the intention that by sharing pieces of my life and experiences with you, you will learn tips and tricks and processes of living a life that you can fall in love with. I am well aware of the fact that each of […]

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Pearls of Wisdom #5: Ask for Help


There are two things I want to confess today. One:  I regularly battle the perfectionist demon.  Two:  I have a bit of stubborn side. Combined, this means that there may be days upon days when I’m so determined to get everything done on my own that I won’t admit to myself – let alone anyone […]

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Darling…It’s Time

Darling...It's Time

Hi, honey.  It’s me, Debra. I know I haven’t written to you since the Valentine’s note I sent last month. I bet you thought I had forgotten about you.  I haven’t in the least. I adore you, you know. In fact, even when you’re not directly in my thoughts or at the receiving end of […]

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