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Rushing Through Your Life Won’t Help You Love It

Rushing to Next Flight

So many of the women (and men) I talk to regularly confess to feeling depleted, overwhelmed, and just flat exhausted. Like they’re living in the spin cycle of the washing machine or a good old hamster wheel. When we dig into how they’re living their daily life, one of the most common challenges experienced is […]

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Devotion is a Key Ingredient to Achieve Your Goals

9 Early Spring by Pal Fried Goals

Nature forever inspires me, especially when spring is in the air. All the bulbs I planted in the autumn begin to push their way out of the earth, reminding me that sometimes it takes time, faith, and pushing through our resistance for things to blossom. The budding trees remind me that even when things seem […]

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Process or Product? How to Love Your Life

Love the Process and the Journey (Art by Fiona Stephenson)

Just because the old adage tells us that life is about the journey doesn’t mean most folks reflect that bit of wisdom.  Instead, we focus on the end result of what we desire rather than honoring the process. We look to big dates on our calendar – the vacation, the high school reunion, the family […]

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Allowing Yourself to Feel

allowing yourself to feel

Once upon a time, I was a very unhappy girl.  My marriage was incredibly fragile, work was stressful and I dealt with it by shopping and eating.  Neither were a good habit to get into, but chips and chocolate and new linens and stuff made me feel better, even if it was just for a […]

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