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Love Your Life: Create a Courage Practice


Tell me darling, how’s the New Year’s Focus feeling?  When you went through the process of digging in and identifying what you want in 2013, I’m betting that some of those dreams and desires were gargantuan.  But here we are, just a few weeks into the new year, and you’re already questioning yourself. May I […]

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On The Subject of Fear


Tell me, darling.  What are you afraid of? For many people the obvious answers would be spiders, snakes and dark alleys.  Let’s face it:  these are things that we can avoid in most cases. In fact, we often make jokes about these types of fears because we see them as common amongst the human race. […]

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Falling Head Over Heels in Love

Practicing Courage to Fall In Love With Yourself

With You – By Taking Risks and Practicing Courage When I penned my Valentine to you, I mentioned that the entire month of February would be devoted to a celebration of LOVE. I’m all about loving the people in your world – and the person you must fall madly in love with (again) is yourself. […]

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