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Change is Inevitable: But Don’t Let That Stop You


I love having a plan for my career and my life: it’s part of my DNA. It’s how I’m wired and becomes clear no matter what kind of personality tests I take (According to the Meyers-Briggs test, I’m an ENTJ. )  Calendars, spreadsheets, and dinner reservations make me one happy woman. Though I know there’s […]

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Conducting a Review Helps Create a Life I Love

Fredric Varady for Redbook April 1957

The fall months usher in the “busy season” and while I am no fan of Busy as a Lifestyle choice, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to accomplish anything. The holidays are just around the corner and it won’t be long before we usher in a new year. Just like you, I have all kinds […]

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Set Your Priorities By Defining Your Roles

Writing Down Priorities (Art from 50's Esquire)

When we feel like something in our world needs to give, the natural tendency for most of us is to decide that EVERYTHING needs to CHANGE. NOW. The thing is, darling, it’s impossible to focus on everything at once. Despite the modern tendency to life through multitasking, doing so actually kills your ability to achieve […]

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Choosing to Make Time

Choosing to Make Time (Art: Coby Whitmore for Esquire)

Who has time to floss their teeth every day? Let alone use their electronic toothbrush for the allotted 2 minutes? And, honestly, who has the luxury of so much time that they actually remember to use sunscreen every day? Choosing to spend all that time with frivolous things? And is there anyone out there – […]

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Life Isn’t Certain: But It Helps to Create a Plan

It helps to create a plan. (Image: Spotty Performance 1962 - by Elvgren

By nature, I’m a planner. It became obvious during my elementary school years when I plotted what to wear and created lists of books I’d be reading that year (and in what order). In high school, I always knew what I’d be wearing a week or more in advance and my college schedule was so […]

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Create a Life You Love by Trusting Your Gut

The Lady Was Insulted by Mike Ludlow

I’ll confess this up front:  I am a logical creature. In fact, I realized that the need for order and reason was a core part of who I am when I was in the 2nd grade devouring every Nancy Drew Logic Puzzle Book they made. Let me tell you, baby, to this day, I work […]

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