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Rushing Through Your Life Won’t Help You Love It

Rushing to Next Flight

So many of the women (and men) I talk to regularly confess to feeling depleted, overwhelmed, and just flat exhausted. Like they’re living in the spin cycle of the washing machine or a good old hamster wheel. When we dig into how they’re living their daily life, one of the most common challenges experienced is […]

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Haven or Hot Mess: How Does Your Home Feel?

Haven or Hot Mess Housewife Art by Harry Fredman

When you walk into your home, how does it make you feel? Do you feel relaxed and cozy? Do you feel anxious? Do you feel welcomed and at ease? Do you put blinders on and just try to shut out the chaos around you? If your home doesn’t feel like a haven, then one of […]

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Darling, It’s Time To Clear Up Those Undones


Let me tell you one of the secrets to creating a life you love: you can’t welcome the new into your life until you let go of the old stuff that is no longer a part of your path forward. I’ve been reminded of this the last couple of weeks.  Often. The first thing that […]

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Shop Until You Drop?

Shop responsibly this holiday season

I’ll be honest:  I have moments where I really love to shop.  There is something primal about finding the perfect pair of boots or just the right coffee mug for my morning ritual of caffeine with sugar and cream.  I think it’s the traces of our Hunter/Gatherer roots.  But the glut of consumerism you see […]

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