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Honoring the Lessons I’ve Learned: Happy 49th

honoring the lessons learned at forty-nine

Since beginning my coaching practice seven years ago, one of my annual traditions is to catalog my lessons learned over the last trip around the sun around my birthday. Taking time to sit with the awareness around what have become my truths is not only about honoring my journey.  It’s an act of vulnerability, trust, […]

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Lessons Learned: Celebrating My 48th Birthday

48th Birthday Lessons Learned

It is the year 2016 and I am turning forty-eight. Every year at this time, I catalog the lessons I’ve learned in the previous year. I do this, not just to have the record of what lessons I learned, but also to serve as a reminder of what I am choosing: the continual evolution and growth into who […]

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45 in 45: A Lifetime of Lessons

Walter M Baumhofer for cosmo1943

I turned forty-five years old this past week.  This website saw its second birthday, though I’ve been coaching as the main focus of my business life for three years now.  There is something super celebratory in using my own birth-date as the beginning point.  It’s like having my very own fiscal year. My first post […]

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