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Adjusting the Vision. Tweaking the Plan. Accessing Relaxed.

Scenic Shorelines by Runcie

By the time you read this, I will be three days into a week-long digital sabbatical (it ends on May 5th).  If things are going as planned, the only posts you will see scattered across my social media spaces will be ones that have been pre-arranged, pre-planned, and pre-staged, with the exception of the occasional […]

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Write Yourself a Permission Slip

Write Yourself a Permission Slip

Do you remember “permission slips” from when you were a kid?  I certainly do.  There were wonderful little slips of paper that equaled a little adventure.  My mom’s signature upon them meant trips to the science museum, the zoo, the General Motors plant…as well as slips to attend special classes, like that film on sex […]

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