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Liminal Spaces Are Inevitable: Make Them Easier

Manage the Liminal Spaces with More Grace (Image:Whats Mine is Yours Bernard D'Andrea 1950)

How do we manage the uncomfortable feel of liminal spaces in our lives?  It’s a question that’s come up in more than one conversation recently with clients, colleagues, and friends in recent weeks. Why does this happen and what can we do about it? It’s a funky time of year. The days of celebration and […]

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If The Circus Beckons: Try The Three L’s


When I was a little girl, especially after a rotten day, I would contemplate running away to the circus. We had visited a place called “Circus World” where the folks working for Barnum & Bailey Circuses would train, and it seemed an ideal place to escape. Because, of course, if I ran away to the […]

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