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Granting Permission to Create a Life You Love

Granting Permission - Art by Fritz Willis (1952)

Though it’s been years since I’ve gone back to school (or prepped for a kiddo to go back to school), the Back to School tradition I grew up with remains rooted within me, and I still see September as a magical month full of growth and change. When I was young, Back to School was […]

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Develop Your Year: Beginning Now


When 2010 began, I believed it would end up being my worst year ever: my personal life was in shambles, work was stressful, and my mom had been diagnosed with cancer.  Even though I had a several-years-old practice of choosing a word of the year as my focus, with all of the stress in my […]

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Write Yourself a Permission Slip

Write Yourself a Permission Slip

Do you remember “permission slips” from when you were a kid?  I certainly do.  There were wonderful little slips of paper that equaled a little adventure.  My mom’s signature upon them meant trips to the science museum, the zoo, the General Motors plant…as well as slips to attend special classes, like that film on sex […]

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