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Write Yourself a Valentine


When I was a little girl, I was passionate about everything that crossed my path.  Life was a virtual banquet of possibilities.  On any single day, I could be a dozen different people. Outside with my little red wagon, I was an Intrepid Explorer and Adventurer.  I dug in the dirt and examined archeological treasures.  […]

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My 3 Rs for 2013

New York City - Miss Sylvania by Gil Elvgren

Happy New Year, Darling!  Welcome to 2013! I often share pieces of my personal story here within the blog. Long ago I learned that people learn from the stories of others. It’s why we were read fairy tales and fables when we were children, because deep behind the sleeping princess and little girls with baskets […]

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Give Yourself a Gift: Lose Some Baggage

Gil Elvgren Holiday Pin Up

Hanukkah is nearly over, and we’re mere days from Christmas. As I stock the house with necessities like paper towels, pasta and coffee, I can’t help but notice the frenzy of shoppers filling their carts to the brim with sweaters and pajamas and video games. Now, I could digress into the subject of “stuff,” and […]

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Releasing the Shoulds for The Holidays

Releasing the Shoulds for The Holidays

How do you define and perceive the holiday season? For some, it’s an opportunity for holiday parties and time with friends, or an opportunity to spend time with parents, grandparents, siblings, and distant cousins.  The promise of good food surrounded by love and joy is defines what Thanksgiving, while for many people, Hanukkah and Christmas […]

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Five Steps to Traveling Lighter

Travel Lighter Lose the Baggage

When I traveled regularly for business, I was never one of those savvy business travelers who brought a single bag for a ten-day trip. No, I was the person dragging two full-sized suitcases, a briefcase, and a messenger bag (which I used as a purse) through the airports. I brought everything I could possibly need […]

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