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Lessons from Paris (And How You Can Apply Them Anywhere)

Lessons from Paris and How to Bring them Home

I was never one of those girls who longed to go to Paris. The idea of Paris – with its fashion and food and history – had an appeal, but to be honest, it wasn’t on my Bucket List of places to visit. I know that I’m wired differently from a great majority of the […]

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Adjusting the Vision. Tweaking the Plan. Accessing Relaxed.

Scenic Shorelines by Runcie

By the time you read this, I will be three days into a week-long digital sabbatical (it ends on May 5th).  If things are going as planned, the only posts you will see scattered across my social media spaces will be ones that have been pre-arranged, pre-planned, and pre-staged, with the exception of the occasional […]

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When You’re Feeling Burned Out: Play

when youre feeling burned out play

I have a confession: I’m feeling burned out these days. Please don’t get me wrong or think I’m complaining. It’s just a big dash of vulnerability and honesty. See, I adore my clients from the depths of my toes to the top of my head.  My time with them feels like play.  I’ve always been […]

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Unwind, Unstress, UnPlug.

Does the thought of disconnecting from the digital world make your heart flutter? I’m going to give you the same challenge I recently gave a client: regularly unplug.

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