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Happiness Being Sabotaged? Build a Bonfire.

Howard Rogers

Last week I shared a little history of my personal experiences with journal writing, including the time my mother found and destroyed all the journals I’d kept from childhood through college. Even if you haven’t been in the exact same situation, I’m sure you can imagine why I was afraid to put my thoughts on […]

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The Masks & Disguises of Everyday Life

The Masks of Everyday Life

With Halloween around the corner, there was no shortage of topics for this week. I could have written to you about choosing love over fear, grabbing courage by the horns, or dealing with things that go bump in the night.  Those are all important topics, especially when you consider that there are times when just […]

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Midsummer: Dreams & Discomfort

Midsummer: Dreams & Discomfort

I know the typical theme for summer is “the lazy days of summer,” but in feeling the pulse of the world around me, it’s not what I’m witnessing or hearing from friends and clients.  Instead,  I’m seeing packed weekends, fast-paced vacations, and the push to do more.   I’m certainly not immune from getting caught up […]

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