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Dealing with The Voices in Your Head

Fredric Varady for Canon Nylons

There’s a little voice inside your head – it’s unique to you, yet each one of us has one. Oh, let’s be honest, we all have more than one little voice inside us. Most of us have five. There are the voices of Wisdom and Intuition. That inner knowing that edges us to make decisions […]

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Love Life: Discover Your Inner Wisdom


I want to share a secret with you, darling.  Deep within you lies a well of wisdom. When I ask you what you most desire, what do you answer?  To be honest, many of you will say “I don’t know” and believe that it’s an honest answer.  But here’s the deal kitten:  You do know.  […]

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Pearls of Wisdom #5: Ask for Help


There are two things I want to confess today. One:  I regularly battle the perfectionist demon.  Two:  I have a bit of stubborn side. Combined, this means that there may be days upon days when I’m so determined to get everything done on my own that I won’t admit to myself – let alone anyone […]

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