I’ve been self-employed for more than sixteen years and during that time, I’ve slowly built a business that is sustainable, fits my talents, and our life style. Growing a business isn’t always easy, but there are a variety of tools and tactics out there to help you grow your business. Especially in ways that feel sustainable.

Here are three of my favorite things to think about.

One – Word Of Mouth

Up first, we have word of mouth. Never underestimate the power of recommendation. You can grow your business incredibly quick when your customers spread the word. So if you can aim to do a good job, you should find that your business will grow organically. Especially when happy clients recommend you to other potential clients.

Don’t forget the power of testimonials to grow your business. When you finish a project with a client, ask for a written testimonial to display on your website.

Two – Social Media

And next up, of course, is social media. Now, we’ve all seen how different social media channels have risen in popularity – and just how powerful they can be for business. Choose social media platforms that you enjoy or click with. To truly grow your business you need spaces where you can be YOU. Because building authentic engagement is important.

Remember that you have a relationship with social media. And like any relationship, it needs regular tending. So, another consideration of what social media platforms you choose will also depend upon ones in which you can engage in regularly. Because whether it’s about what your fans want – or those pesky algorithms – consistent activity and engagement is important.

And you can parlay those testimonials with social media to grow your business. Ask clients to not only write testimonials, but also reviews on various social channels, too.

Three – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Last, but certainly not least, you have Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Now, when it comes to marketing, it’s safe to say that many people flock to social media because they think it will get them results quickly and effortlessly. But in all honesty, social media does take time. And, remember: someone else (the social media platforms) control who sees your posts. That’s where SEO comes in.

SEO is about search. Especially “Google”. And it can provide you with more traffic than word or mouth or social media. So, you want to harness SEO from the start. There are great plugins out there to help you with this. And remember: everything you create on your own website belongs 100% to YOU. And, when you create content that is optimized for search, you can share it on social media! Win-win!

I believe that knowledge is power. So, when you better understand how SEO works, you can make it work…for you. Here’s a great graphic to help.

Grow Your Business with SEO - Here's How it Works
Infographic Design By University of Southern California

Hope this is helpful in promoting a business you love – for a life that feels loving, nourishing, and sustainable.

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