It can be hard not to feel stressed out this time of year. There’s just so much to do, isn’t there? Dealing with (sometimes) unpleasant family members. Choosing just the right gifts for everyone on your list. Attending parties. Not to mention simply managing everyday life. And while I know you’re doing your best to keep it together, one of the best things you can do to manage your stress levels is declutter your home. Not for the intention of perfect rooms, darling. Declutter for peace of mind.

The reason I suggest you declutter for peace of mind is that everything has energy.

From the clothes you choose to wear to the cup you use for your coffee? Every item in your world has an energy source. We need energy to fuel our lives. It’s that life source within us that allows us to focus on work, move towards our dreams, and deal with challenges. And because everything has energy, it can either fuel us. Or drain us.

While we cannot always deal with the way our work or negative people in our lives drain our energy? We can deal with the physical world around us. That’s why you need to declutter for peace of mind. Because you want to reserve your energy for dealing with life.

And I can think of no time of year that this matters more than the last few months of the year. Because, darling, there will always be more demands for your precious time and attention. Frankly, things you want to do. And if you’re already drained because of a messy home? It’s going to be harder to mitigate the stress. And enjoy you life.

Clutter also distracts you.

It pulls our attention away from our real desires. It draws our focus to the physical world, not our internal world. Every time we encounter something in our world that is undone, incomplete, or overdue, our energy to focus on what matters the most is drained.

I’m talking about that mountain of laundry. The stacks of books and magazines. The piles of shoes at the door. Those clothes crowding our closet that are honestly unwearable. These things yank you away from whatever it was you were doing. And crowds you out of any kind of peaceful existence.

Please, for the love of yourself, declutter for peace of mind. Because a tidy space invites you to relax.

This time of year can also be challenging when it comes to our stuff. It’s so tempting to “buy” our way to a perfect life. Believing that if we have just the right outfit to wear to the holiday party, our life will change. Or that new shoes will magically get us on track to life Our Best Life.

We’re stressed out and overwhelmed. We’re trying to to use food as a reward, so we “treat” ourselves to a new sweater or new linens to soothe ourselves.  We seek to purchase forgiveness. We hope that by buying a loved one a splendid present, we will get them to love us more.

So, even when we tidy things up, it’s easy to build that clutter up again.

You don’t have to be living in hoarder level clutter for physical clutter to get in the way of the kind of life you desire. Though I joke about it with friends, when I’m feeling blocked or burned out, the first thing I do is clear off my desk and clean the kitchen. Decluttering will truly help you find the way to peace. Peace of mind and peace of spirit.

Declutter for peace of mind and discover a path to loving your life more.

It’s overwhelming to tackle it all at once. Instead, let’s slowly go through the process of hot mess to tidy home.

Getting clear in your life by dealing with your physical clutter (big clutter and small clutter) will allow you to direct your precious energy towards creating the clear path to living your best possible life.

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