Meet Debra

I‘m Debra Smouse and I’m so excited that you’re here.

Life Coach Debra SmouseI’m a Life Coach and Writer.  I’m an expert de-tangler and self-admitted Tarnished Southern Belle.  I’m a Native Texan currently living in Ohio with the love of my life, JB. I believe that in order to live life the way you were meant to, you must fall in love with the day-to-day activity of living.

I love my day-to-day life.  I wake up next to a man I adore.  I spend my days writing and working with people who want to change the world,  beginning with themselves.

I love to share my passion for creating meals from the ingredients up.  I’m a big believer in buying locally and in season.  I have a gypsy soul and began to discover what set my soul on fire via travel. I love wine, books, laughter, good conversations, and golf.

I have a Bachelors in Communications and training as a coach thanks to Coach U.  I’ve been self-employed since 2003 and added coaching as a part of my consulting firm in 2006. As a consultant, I worked with governmental agencies and small businesses in the realm of document management, project management, employee training, and quality assurance.  I loved consulting and realized that big chunks of my time weren’t about the project or the document, but about the people.  I moved into coaching as a way to impact more lives on a broader and deeper level.

A huge part of my coaching style is the act of  bearing witness.  In a world where we communicate so often with the written word, it is important for us to be heard. Sometimes, that involves the loving act of holding space.  Sometimes that involves a little push (or a pull) as you discover what you really want in life: what you value, what’s important to you, what sets your soul on fire!

And since no one likes living in limbo, I’m here to lend a helping hand as you traverse between limbo and the life of your dreams.  Better yet, I’ll hand you tools to create a beginning here to getting there plan.

(A secret to falling in love with your life? The understanding that your “there” will continue to evolve.  Because, baby, in the journey of life, there is no true “there”.)

In addition to my Bachelor of Science in Communications, I hold certificates in Project Management (PMP) and ISO 9000 Quality Management. I’m an ENTJ according to MBTI. My Enneagram Type is 2.  And a 7-3-8-2 according to Kolbe.

To see what my clients think about working with me, read these notes of Love & Affection.

There’s a special truth in that first cup of coffee each morning and a beauty to the art of simple living.  Are you ready to fall in love with your life?

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