There are a lot of misconceptions around how to life a less cluttered life. Like needing to go minimalist. Or how feeling overwhelmed by your clutter means that you’ll never dig out. But the truth of the matter is this: sometimes the simple things help tremendously. That’s why I wanted to share some of my best clearing clutter tips that are, on the surface at least, deceptively simple.

I promise when you dig in, though, you’ll see the beauty of them. And in addition to being deceptively simple, these clearing clutter tips allow you to begin to build habits that lead to a less cluttered home.

From one (mostly) former Clutter-Bug to anyone struggling with a tidy home? These clearing clutter tips really do help tame the chaos.

Number One of my Best Clearing Clutter Tips: Make Your Bed

One of the best habits you can create is to make your bed each day.  Making your bed each morning begins your day with the gift of completion. You are reminding yourself that you can accomplish things.

And when you struggle with clutter, that inner voice will tell you that you’ll never have a tidy home. This proves to yourself that you do have the ability to complete a task. And that even if other areas of the house are cluttered, you have one safe space.

I’ll suggest that you do this before you head to the office. And, if you work from home as I do, you should make the bed before lunch. And for those parents out there, having a child get in the habit of making their bed sets them up for success.

Don’t underestimate the power of making your bed. Everyone likes to come home to a neat and tidy space. By making your bed before you begin to work,  you are blessing your home. And honoring yourself.

Making your bed each day is, I know, a deceptively simple clearing clutter tip. However, it goes much deeper than that. Making your bed is a way of closing out the last day and reminding you that you have a fresh slate in front of you.

And adding small rituals of opening and closure to your day gives tremendous value to your mind and soul.

The Second of my Simple Clearing Clutter Tips: Identify Your Hot Spots

We all have spaces in our homes that seem to be a magnet for stuff.  Usually it’s a flat surface, like a coffee table, your nightstand, or a kitchen island. You put something there that is convenient in the moment. Like the mail. And you mean to come back to it later that day. The problem with this is that once you put something there? It invites other things to get piled on top.

If you aren’t careful, soon you have just a big pile of STUFF! Yep, a hot spot soon grows into a big ole out of control fire of clutter! And clutter will always distract you from what’s important.

The first step in making this favorite of my clearing clutter tips is to identify your hot spot. The second step? Commit to making that spot clutter free at least once a week.

The Third of my Simple on the Surface Clearing Clutter Tips: Making Your Bedroom Sacred Space

Your bedroom is the place where you should feel safe to be naked – both literally and figuratively. You sleep there, make love there, and often dress there. You also let down your inhibitions and allow your mind to go to the places your dreams take you.

Your bedroom is not for surfing the internet or working. Nor is your bedroom a dumping ground. Or a storage place for all the laundry that needs to be folded.

Your bedroom is one of the most sacred spaces in your home. And, darling, you deserve for it to be serene. You begin giving attention to the sanctity of this space by making your bed each day.

Next up? Rid your bedroom of everything that doesn’t belong in there. Grab a laundry basket and clear every flat surface of excess. This includes your nightstand, your dresser, and any chairs. Anything that doesn’t say: sleep, rest, sex, or comfort goes.

When you commit to having a clutter free bedroom you will begin to understand what it’s like to experience a clean and tidy space. By transforming your bedroom to a space that feels nourishing, you gain inspiration and momentum to work on other spaces. Because you’ve proven to yourself you can do it.

Last but not least of my fourth and most practical Clearing Clutter Tips: Create a Launch Pad

One of the biggest challenges to having a natural tendency for clutter is getting out of the house on time. You can’t find your keys. Your little one can’t find their shoes. Homework is always somewhere other than the backpack.

When it comes to managing clutter, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “Everything in it’s place and a place for everything.”  One of the biggest detriments to getting out the door with more ease is not having a place that everything “lives”. That’s why you need a LAUNCH Pad / Drop ZONE.

Designate a place for each person in your home to DROP their important things (backpack, purse, briefcase, etc) when they walk in the door. Make it a rule, make it a habit. And as part of your evening routine, make sure everything that’s needed in the morning is in that same space.

This is the space where you place your purse when you walk in the door.  Your briefcase goes here.  So do your keys.  And everything you need to take with you when you leave the house:  like the bag of clothes that needs to bet taken to the cleaners and the school permission forms.

Yes, that means that books and homework that were pulled out of the backpack need to be put back. And for adults (or teens) make sure your Launch Pad has a place to charge your phone (it doesn’t need to be by your bed, anyway). Everything else goes there – keys, purses, etc.

Help younger children out by having a secondary launch pad in their room for their clothes. Before bed, help pick out clothes for the next day and stage them there (yes, along with socks and shoes).

Because no one needs to lose their head rushing around looking for their keys!

If you commit to following all four of these clearing clutter tips, you’ll build habits that help you have a tidier home.

Darling, I get how you feel. I still struggle with my clutter bug ways. Some days, it seems that no matter where I go, I leave a trail of droppings behind me. Because keeping a home that is neat and tidy does not come naturally to me.  And because I have shown myself that I need clutter free spaces to do my best work.

And to really love my life? It’s worth the work to deal with it.

When you take these clearing clutter tips and allow them to help you create new habits? You will begin to prove to that critical voice in your head that you are capable of tidying up. Building good habits that stick also helps remind you that you are capable of discipline. And success at something that feels challenging also builds confidence in yourself.

And when you prove to yourself you can do it? You, my darling, will be unstoppable.

Need more clearing clutter tips to whip your home into shape?

It’s overwhelming to tackle it all at once. Instead, let’s slowly go through the process of hot mess to tidy home.

Getting clear in your life by dealing with your physical clutter (big clutter and small clutter) will allow you to direct your precious energy towards creating the clear path to living your best possible life.

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