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Challenging Season: How to Ensure You Survive It

Surviving a Challenging Season

So, you’re having a bad day. Or maybe a crappy week. Or maybe experiencing a series of days upon days of a funky blue feeling you just can’t shake. And you’re tired of it, so tired of your heart hurting and general malaise. So tired of that sense of ennui and melancholy hanging around you. […]

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Kindness is Always a Choice

Kindness is a Choice - Art by Coby Whitemore for Good Housekeeping

If there is one thing I can tell you about managing your life so that you can love it, it’s this: no matter how blessed you feel most of the time, there will always be stresses and challenges. The way you manage those challenges will define the reactions you choose. I understand that advice is […]

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Self-Acceptance Doesn’t Mean Settling

Self-Acceptance doesn't mean settling for less....

Each and every day, I am inspired by the raw honesty and vulnerability of the people I work with. Clients, colleagues, and friends fuel my mind and my spirit. They remind me that this human experience is both glorious and hard. I’m constantly amazed by the way I often learn as much from my clients […]

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Ten Tips to Hasten Post-Fire Recovery


The story I shared with you about my return to writing in a paper journal was only one story of bonfires. You see, I’ve built more than one of those blazes in my lifetime and I’m sure there are more to come. Building a bonfire to destroy old truths and outdated beliefs is worth it, […]

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Bring Your Dreams Into Reality With Routines


Do you associate the word habit with something bad? Routine as something that defines you as boring? So many people that I talk with want to shun the idea of routines, but in truth you already have routines in existence. The way you make your coffee, put away your groceries, put your clothes on or […]

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Thrive Don’t Just Survive: Begin With Sleep

how to thrive not just survive begin with sleep

Though it isn’t quite my birthday, I want to share with you one of the lessons I’ve learned this last year. The most critical thing I can do to care for myself is to get adequate sleep. I hate to break it to you kitten, but if you want to feel happier, be more productive, […]

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Confessions of a Clutter Bug

WifeinRebellionbyJoe De Mers 1952

As I write this little love note to you, the windows are thrown open and the fresh spring air is wafting through the house. The hyacinths are beginning to fade, but most of the daffodils and tulips are hanging in there. I’m grateful I planted a variety of late-spring bloomers mixed in with the early-spring […]

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What is a Sex Kitten?

what is a sex kitten

It’s easy to look at someone’s life from the outside and assume they have it together. I know that I am one of those women that people look at and think: she has it easy. But it wasn’t always that way. I have gone from overwhelmed and unhappy wife to struggling single mom to understanding […]

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Want to Fall in Love? Start with Peace

Rolf Armstrong

Once upon a time, I became convinced that if I had a perfect body, then I would be able to fix my failing marriage. I worked out seven days a week and spent at least two hours a day at the gym.  I worked out with a personal trainer, attended spin classes, and in between […]

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Love Your Life: 17 Ways to Ditch a Funk

Love Your Life: 17 Ways to Ditch a Funk

It’s the holiday season. Our stockings have been hung by the chimney with care. We have decked our halls. My holiday linens and dishes have been pulled from storage to grace my table, and my porcelain nativity has been placed under one of the Christmas trees.  There is something about this time of year that […]

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