Every year since I began my coaching practice, I have written a blog post outlining the lessons I’ve learned since my last birthday. This year I turned 51. And rather than just write a blog post, I shared my list of how I made my life feel easier this past year, I did a Video about the ways I made myself happier and life less stressful.

I like being in my fifties. It allows me to get rid of what doesn’t work for me without guilt. I believe that our middle-aged years is a fabulous opportunity to fall more deeply in love with myself and my life. Yet, I  know to be happy, I need to learn way to make life easier.

This video originally aired on Facebook Live on May 18, 2020

Here’s a quick recap of what I did on my journey to fifty-one that allowed me to feel less stressed, happier, and that life was more filled with ease:

  1.  Meal Prep Makes My Life Easier and That Makes Me Happier. I believe that one of the biggest challenges is that people have the best intentions when they go to the grocery store. They buy great food, but it never gets cooked. We forget about it, we’re too tired, and then the groceries rot in the fridge. So, on Sundays, I devote about an hour to meal prep for the rest of the week. It’s been life altering. Because what it allows us to do is eat well no matter what’s happening.
  2. Curated Connection with Service People. We are living in a society that is disconnected and lonely. We need more human touch and contact. I learn the names of people I interact with everywhere I spend money. From the lady at the cleaners, to the guy behind the deli counter, to my favorite baristas, I want to ensure that not only do I know their names, but who they are. By taking the time to pause, and honor a person’s humanity, I get to recognize their work and the value to the quality of my life.
  3. Making More Space for Humor, Whimsy, and Beauty. While no one wants to attach to the identity of busy, that doesn’t mean we don’t have things to do. Rather than focusing simply on the hustle, I want more in my life. So, I seek beauty, like flowers in my kitchen or planted the beds by the door. I sit and watch folks at Starbucks to see their joyful interactions. I find ways to bring lightness and laughter into my world.When we can find a moment to laugh, it gives us the opportunity to ease the pressure.
  4. Putting My Phone on Do Not Disturb is Making Me Happier. When I am more focused, I am more productive. And being more productive makes me happy.
  5. Being Curious, Learning New Things, But Trusting My Gut. I believe that a healthy curiosity about the world around us, whether it’s the external world or our internal world, keeps our brains lively and our minds interested in growth. I want to learn new things. And while I may listen to the experts, when it comes to decision making I need to take all that information and trust my own intuition.

While none of these are groundbreaking. Or new ideas. These five things have made my life feel like one of more ease and less stress. And that, my dear, has allowed me to be much a much happier person.

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