I’ll be honest, having a coaching practice and being a writer is something I dreamed about long before I made it a reality. When I began my practice full time in 2011, I was able to finally create my own dream business. What I know to be true, though, is that it can take not just hard work, but fortitude to go from having the dream to making it a sustainable business.

While I’m not a business coach, I do have some advice for anyone that wants to take a secret dream and make it into a business. Because, darling, if you’re passionate about something, it’s important to follow your own threads of desire.

Here’s Eight Pieces of Advice for You if You Want to Start Your Own Dream Business

One – Test Your Dream Business Idea with Friends and Family

If you’re unsure of whether your idea is even viable, it’s a good idea to test your idea out on friends and family first. Make sure you ask for honest feedback on what you can improve. Although you want your business to be something you are passionate about, you also want to ensure it’s actually going to be something that the majority find valuable.

Two – Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

You might be scared, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start. Everybody gets scared when faced with the prospect of stepping out of their comfort zones. However, outside of your comfort zone is where life really starts. Some people are afraid of failure, others are afraid of success – and it can be difficult to know the difference! What are you afraid of? Be honest with yourself, and figure out your limiting beliefs. You can then come up with ways to overcome them.

Three – Don’t Fall Prey to Perfectionism

The truth is, being a perfectionist isn’t really all that admirable. In fact, perfectionism can mean procrastination, and even lead to failure in the long run. There’s really no such thing as perfect, as cliche as that may sound. The best thing you can do is realize that being good is good enough. There’s always room to improve, but you will never create the ‘perfect’ business!

Four – Create a Plan for Your Dream Business

Now you have an idea for your business and know who it is you want to help and how, you should put together your business plan. A business plan is essential. It can help you to get funding from investors when you need it, as well as keep you moving forward when you’re unsure of what to do. Your business plan can give you clarity and help you to remember why you started your business in the first place!

Make sure you outline all of the important stuff in your business plan. You’ll want a get out plan, a plan B, and everything else that may be relevant. Will you use an identity verification service to keep your business safe? Where do you see your business in 5 years? What’s your ultimate goal? You can find templates online to help you!

Five – Set Up a Way to Get Paid Before You Begin Your Dream Business

The last thing you want is to finally gather the courage to start your business and then struggle to keep afloat because your cash flow isn’t as it should be. The first thing you need to do is ask for what you’re worth. Do research on your competitors and businesses like yours in your area so you know what you should be charging, but take the quality of your product/services into account too. You shouldn’t make sure your business is the cheapest just so you can get custom!

Once you have all of your pricing laid out, an invoicing system should be implemented to ensure that your customers and clients pay on time. Offering a small discount for early payment will ensure your cash flow is as it should be. Make sure you have a solid plan and follow through for what you will do when a customer doesn’t pay on time, which no doubt will happen. Sometimes you need to give the benefit of the doubt, but you do need to make sure you get paid.

Six – Invest in Your Dream Business by Investing in Yourself

Though I don’t personally do any business coaching, it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in my own dream business. It’s helped me with mindset and also with practical things I may not have thought about. Business coaching can help you to get started and overcome and hurdles you experience at the beginning. In fact, business coaching could benefit you whatever stage you may be at.

Seven – Don’t Quit Your Day Job

A side hustle is something you can grow while working full time so you don’t have to stress about money. So, before you quit your day job, start that dream business of yours dream business Sometimes it’s the smartest way to go.

Eight – Last But Not Least: Don’t Give Up

Keep momentum high and keep pushing forward no matter what. You can make your dream business work.

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