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Shine a Light to Take Action on Your Fears

Tom Lovell in the light

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”–Dale Carnegie If there is a feeling I know intimately, it’s fear. As a child, I was afraid of the dark and slept with my closet light […]

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Don’t You Want to Experience Summer Love?

BikingBeauty_Gil Elvgren

I went to the library this week and was a bit surprised at the plethora of school aged children perusing books. Then I remembered that this is the first week of Summer Vacation for local school kids and they were joining in the Summer Reading Program. This year’s theme is: “Read, Explore, Create” and there […]

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Granting Permission to Create a Life You Love

Granting Permission - Art by Fritz Willis (1952)

Though it’s been years since I’ve gone back to school (or prepped for a kiddo to go back to school), the Back to School tradition I grew up with remains rooted within me, and I still see September as a magical month full of growth and change. When I was young, Back to School was […]

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For Those Times When You Backslide


Creating a life you love is really about finding pleasure in the day-to-day living. To seek the gems in the midst of the craziness that sometimes accompanies us in this life. It also involves feeling the gamut of feelings. We focus on those sweet feelings, the joyful ones, the exhilarating ones. But in order to […]

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Summer Loving


When I was a little girl, I was one of those kids that loved school. I loved new notebooks and fresh crayons. I planned my first day of school outfit ahead of time. As the year progressed, I craved learning new things and happily went all year, without complaints. I may not have loved every […]

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15 Ways to Chase Away the Winter Blues


We’ve made it on the other side of the Winter Solstice, a white Christmas, and record snowfalls throughout the US. And, if you believe folk tales, the Groundhog saw his shadow and scampered back into his den for six more weeks of winter. Even if you aren’t buried under snow, the greyer tone of the […]

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Harnessing the Magic of the Winter Solstice


From the time I was a little girl I felt the innate magical quality of solstices and equinoxes. In my mind, the mythical Mother Nature turned a special dial to officially change the season. I still feel that magical pull on those days. As I’ve aged, I’ve learned that my childhood view of magic has […]

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Ditching Drama as a Lifestyle Choice

"The Angry Woman" for McCall

Do you know those people? The folks who seem like something is always happening to them? Flat tires, broken hearts, ecstatic love affairs (that then crash and burn into tragic moments)? It’s an endless parade of always being busy, always running out the door, always having things be better (or worse) than they are for […]

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When Fear Triggers Your Response

Romance Novel Cover by Joel Malmed

Each of us has an instinctive reaction to perceived danger. Physiologists call this the flight-fight-or-freeze response. When we are in a situation that feels like a threat to our safety, security or life, the primal part of our brains (amygdala aka “lizard brain”) kicks in and triggers our hormones and body into the appropriate response. […]

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5 Steps to Hopping Off the Merry-Go-Round

Gil Elvgren - Let

Since I know that confession is (often) good for the soul, here goes:  I haven’t been writing much lately. Yes, I’m still writing a weekly piece for this space.  Yes, I’m still sending a weekly love note to those on my list. But I’ve been telling myself I don’t have time to really dive into […]

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