You might think you know yourself pretty well, after all, who spends more time with you than you?! However, there’s so much more to it than that. As humans, huge aspects of our personality and the core of who we are rooted deep in our unconscious. This is what drives our thoughts and behavior and isn’t a part of our brain that we can easily change or access.  In other words, your uniqueness is what sets you apart from everyone else.

While you might not always love the way your mind works (we’ve all had moments where we’ve felt out of control, or been unable to sleep where we’re overthinking for example) it’s important to embrace your entire self. In a world that frequently encourages us to try and fit in, understanding and accepting your unique character qualities can help you negotiate life’s many challenges.

Here’s five ways making peace with your uniqueness can help you love yourself and your life even more.

One – Embrace Your Strengths

Every one of us has a unique set of skills and qualities that define who we are. Spend some time identifying and acknowledging what makes you special. Do you listen with empathy? Are you naturally good at solving issues? You can use these qualities to your advantage in both personal and professional settings just by being aware of them. By embracing your strengths, you can gain confidence and improve the world that you live in.

Two – Your Values Drive Your Uniqueness

Being aware of your core values is crucial for self-development. For example, you can ask yourself what kind of things are most importance to you, in the world that you surround yourself with and the people you want to spend time with? Is it integrity, compassion, or originality? You can live a more genuine and satisfying life when you make decisions and actions that are consistent with your values.

In relationships, having shared values can deepen the bonds between you both. In your professional life they can direct you to job options that will better align with your values giving you more job satisfaction. Whether you’re motivated by power or spurred on by helping others, understanding what these values are means you can then go out and find a career suited to this.

Three – Embrace Your Personality Type

We all have unique personality types that influence the way we interact with the world. Everyone has heard about introverts and extroverts but it’s all much more nuanced than that. Are you spontaneous or a planner, analytical or more of a free thinker? Have a look into getting a free human design chart or do a personality test online like the Briggs-Myers test, this is a psychologically backed test with tons of great information.  By understanding and accepting your personality type, you can adapt your approach to different situations and leverage your natural inclinations to achieve success.

Four – Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

Understanding your own feelings as well as those of others is a sign of emotional intelligence. Developing this ability can help you communicate more effectively and handle relationships more successfully. You may forge deeper bonds with others, settle disputes better and promote an excellent workplace atmosphere by being aware of your emotions and responding to them in a healthy way. Going to therapy to work through any unhealed trauma can help with this, as well as being mindful of your own emotions and working out what things trigger you. Keeping a journal can be helpful with this so you can jot down your thoughts and refer back to things later on.

Five – Embrace Resilience

Success is never a linear path- if you look at the lives and setbacks of now successful people it’s easy to see that. The secret to overcoming challenges and emerging stronger is to embrace resilience. Create a growth mentality so that you can view setbacks as chances for improvement- in any given situation you can ask yourself, ‘what is this teaching me?’ When you’re in touch with your emotions and have had practice sitting with uncomfortable feelings (instead of trying to block them) you improve this skill. By practicing resilience, you develop the tenacity needed to keep going in the face of difficulty whatever life throws at you.

Learning your unique personality traits is a powerful journey of self-discovery.

Aim to fall in love with your own life and stay true to yourself always, from there you can create a fulfilling and meaningful existence that aligns perfectly with your authentic self.

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