For the majority of us, our day begins in our closet. But what can you do when just peeking into your closet makes your heart race? Or dread digging through your clothes to find just the right outfit for work. Let alone for date night or girls night out. The truth, my dear, is that you are going to have to declutter your wardrobe.

If you don’t have some sort of system in place to keep your closet organized, you could be setting the wrong tone for your day. Who wants to begin the day facing disarray? And how many times have you promised yourself that you’d finally tackle that closet of yours? I’m here to tell you that when you take just a few proactive steps? You can ensure your closet is in order. And that you’re making the most of the space. Make sure you’re starting your day with less stress by whipping your closet into tip-top shape!

Here’s four easy steps to declutter your wardrobe.

One – Try It on For Size

Many of the items in our closets are just taking up valuable space because they are not things we wear frequently. Maybe you don’t like the material they’re made out of or maybe you don’t love the way they fit you anymore. Go through and try on any questionable items that you are unsure of or just haven’t gotten much use out of.

This is a time when you should be very honest with yourself. Any of the clothing items that you aren’t in love with anymore should be immediately removed from your closet. This is a critical step when you’re ready to declutter your wardrobe.

Two – Store Your Seasonal Items

Another big contributor to clutter is keeping every item of clothing you own in your hanging space all year round. So, it’s important to declutter your wardrobe by taking the season into consideration. Having a storage plan in place to rotate these seasonal clothes in and out of your wardrobe allows you to free up space in your closet and keep your most frequently used items more neatly arranged. This is critical to being able to declutter your wardrobe.

First look at the clothes you won’t be wearing anytime soon. Because, why are you allowing those cute sundresses and shorts to take valuable space in the winter? There’s no need to keep them out year-round.You may need to add storage space in your closet thanks to shelves and bins. Or there may be a need to make space in another location. Storage for season items is key to keeping your closet clutter-free!

Then, make best use of this storage space by rotating the warm weather items back into your closet. And putting all the bulky items you wear in the winter into storage. You know, things like sweaters, jackets and snow gear. Who wants to push aside wool sweaters when it’s hot and humid?

This will reduce stressful mornings by having your closet serve you. Rather than be a dumping ground.

Three – Repurpose Sentimental Clothing

The hardest part of decluttering a closet can be handling your more sentimental items. Some of us are better at parting ways with clothing we wore for memorable events, like a prom dress, while the rest of us feel the need to hold onto it. No matter which of these options feels right to you, have a plan in place. If you do decide to keep special pieces, consider finding an alternative location to your closet to store them.

Sometimes there is clothing, not in the form of bulky gowns, that hold memories. Like a stack of shirts you’ve had since high school or college. Maybe they are from all the different musicals you participated in. Or the different sporting teams you were on. It’s likely these t-shirts are not worn in your daily rotation, if at all. But, they can still have a use. Declutter your wardrobe by turning sentimental shirts into pillows. Or, if you have a larger collection and you’re looking to make room but don’t want to throw them away, you can find a crafter or a service to turn the shirts into a quilt.

 Four – You Can Declutter Your Wardrobe by Re-homing Unwanted Items

A very important part in the process of decluttering your closet is the actual removal of the items you don’t need to keep. You have a few options when it comes to dealing with the clothing you no longer want. There’s always the good ol process of hand-me-downs where you can pass your unwanted goods on to a sibling or friend who has a similar style. Another great option you can consider is to sell your used clothing online so your clothes can find a new home where they’re wanted.

The most important thing to remember is that you made a decision to remove these items from your space and make sure you stick to that so these items don’t just linger overflowing from a box on the floor of your closet.  Soon you’ll find that not only have you been able to declutter your wardrobe with ease. You’ll discover that finding just the right outfit for your day feels much less stressful.

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