Most people think of happiness as something that happens to them and not something they choose. Studies show that only 10% of our happiness depends on our life situation, the other 90% depends on us to make it happen. So, if you want to love your life choosing to make a deliberate choice to do so is key.

It’s essential to remember that while you’re not always able to alter what’s going on with you, you can alter how you respond. Try to look for the silver lining in cases instead of going with your instinctive response.

Some people are dissatisfied with their lives. Maybe they believe that if they earned more money or had more friends, then they would be happier. What people fail to understand is that enduring happiness does not come from anything outside ourselves, nor does it occur to only some set of people and not everybody.  We are responsible for our own happiness regardless of our situation. We can start being happy by loving our lives just as they are now. Here is how:

One – Love Your Life by Being Your Own Best Friend

To love your life, you need to fall in love with yourself first. We often see ourselves in the worst light, especially when life doesn’t go the way we want it to, but it’s important not to be hard on yourself and blame yourself just because you feel that something hasn’t worked out in your life. Instead of concentrating on unnecessary comparisons with others and all your perceived faults, try to remember all the excellent characteristics you have to give and all the successes and accomplishments you have achieved so far, and learn to recognize the distinctive individual that you are.

Two – Dedicate Time to Improve Yourself

Set aside an hour or two a week to determine personal objectives, initiatives, and assertions. Get clear on who you are – be it by knowing your Myers-Briggs Type or Enneagram. Set goals or resolutions at the beginning of the year. Do a weekly review. Take a quarterly retreat. Fill your mind with good words by reading regularly – both fiction and non-fiction.  Hire a life coach or a therapist. Enroll in a class.

Three – Try New Things to Love Your Life

To rekindle a few sparks in your life. You can try new adventures like, painting, fishing, woodworking, yoga, rock climbing, or something else that appeals to you.

Four – Remove Negative People from Your Life

One of the greatest drains of love for your life is being encircled by individuals who are constantly negative, whether that means criticizing you or simply complaining about all that is happening around you. Identify these set of people and go far away from them. Sometimes, this means we have to walk away from long-term friends.

Five – Challenge Yourself

Sometimes we drift through our days without being challenged or doing anything that really makes us feel alive. If you think you need to break out of a rut, add some excitement and a sense of adventure to your life by stepping out of your comfort zone and setting yourself certain goals. Whether you want to take on a physical challenge, break a record, attain a short-term goal, or accomplish a life-long dream, decide what you want to accomplish and formulate a plan to accomplish it.

Six – Love Your Life by Getting a Hobby

We can’t be living our lives for someone else and expect to be happy.  You should have something in your life that is all you and makes you happy. Hobbies are a great example. Reading books and traveling is an excellent option to consider or just do you since you’re the only one that knows what best suits you.

Seven – Take Care of Yourself

Being fit and healthy will change your perception of life. Fit individuals are the most positive and satisfied people you can find. Being healthy makes you feel good and you enjoy your life when you feel good. Get some physical exercise on a regular basis whether you go to the gym several times a week or simply go for a daily walk. And stick to a diet of whole foods – protein, fruits, and vegetables – over processed foods.

Eight – Practice Gratitude if You Want to Love Your Life

Living a life of gratitude helps you to be aware of all the good things in your life and focus less on what’s not working. It’s difficult to get stuck in negativity when you recognize what’s going right in your lives. Gratitude keeps you thankful, happier, and more positive.

Nine – Dress with a Sense of Pride in Yourself

Our appearance entails almost nothing about the kind of people we are, but it can influence the way we feel. When we present ourselves in a way that makes us feel comfortable and confident, that confidence shines through in everything we do. So, yes, get dressed every day rather than hanging out in your pajamas or clothes you’d put on to work in your garden. Put on some lipstick, wear your favorite perfume, and put on your jewelry – even if you’re staying at home.

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