It’s tough to feel body-confident when we often receive so many – often unconscious – messages from society, social media, or advertisements that can encourage the opposite. When we struggle with confidence, we often look for external validation to give us some reassurance. That often comes from the people closest to us like our romantic partners.

However, things can get complicated when couples are past the “honeymoon stage” in a relationship. After being so familiar with each other, affection tends to subside. And we may become less complimentary to our partners. That’s because we assume they already know how much we love and cherish them. But we all struggle with confidence from time to time.

Helping your partner feel confident and attractive requires ongoing reassurance. You can’t give your partner body confidence. But there’s a lot you can do to help them get there. Here are some tips to make your partner feel beautiful in their body.

One -Don’t Comment on Other People’s Bodies

It may not seem obvious, but when you comment on other people’s bodies, either positively or negatively, you are telling the world what you value and find attractive. Our partners can internalize those messages, especially if they are the sensitive or intuitive type. For example, you might think constantly gushing over your celebrity crush’s good looks is harmless. But it can lead your partner to compare themselves and result in feelings of inadequacy. Instead, you can…

Two – Give Your Partner Genuine (and Specific!) Compliments

Compliments are typically always welcomed and appreciated by loved ones, but what feels even more special is more specific compliments. Most people have heard the words hot, handsome, or beautiful, and probably by all of their previous partners too. Complimenting them on more specific things, like the way they hold, hug, or cuddle you or the way their nose wiggles when they laugh will make them feel one of a kind.

If you find yourself admiring your partner randomly, for example losing focus to a story they’re telling because you got lost in their looks, let them know in the very moment. Interrupt them and ask them to repeat themselves if you have to! Taking advantage of that unique moment to compliment them is special.

Three – Don’t criticize your body

You might think negative self-talk is harmless or that it only affects yourself, but your partners can internalize your words too. When you talk poorly of yourself, it reveals your insecurities and what you are prioritizing. So, if you complain about your own body, your partner might feel that’s all you see in them and feel pressured about their appearance.

Improving your body confidence makes your partner feel great about their body (and vice versa.) Confident people are infectious! You feed off each other’s energy.

Four – Talk About (or Rediscover) Your Intimacy with Each Other

It is mutually beneficial for your body confidence as a couple to talk with each other about your sex life. Many couples may fall into a routine in the bedroom from time to time, especially while aging together or living busy lives. It’s completely normal and healthy to feel a little insecure about your abilities or have curiosities about your partner’s satisfaction.

Low libido, erectile dysfunction, or vaginal dryness are common issues that affect body confidence that can be easily resolved by lowering stress, taking Viagra pills for ED, or considering personal lubricants. Men are especially affected by body confidence and societal stigma regarding sex, so talking with and supporting each other can do wonders. As a note, it’s best to have these discussions outside of the bedroom.

Five – Stand Up for Your Partner

It’s probably no surprise that people out in the world are judgmental of others. So, be observant if someone else makes your partner feel insecure.  Or if someone makes fun of a moment of silliness or how they do things.

Be sure to stand up for them if you witness it because if  you don’t say anything, it may feel as if you said the words yourself. If you  hear about it after the fact, reassure your partner. Playfully teasing each other is often romantic. Be committed to being your partner’s biggest cheerleader by keeping sure to laugh with them, rather than at them.

Six – Don’t Judge their Eating Habits

This should be obvious, but if we struggle with judging ourselves for our eating habits, that negative self-talk can come out unexpectedly in particularly harmful ways. So, make it a rule in your mind: no snarky comments on what your partner eats nor how much. Right now, a lot of folks are coping with stress by eating and it’s important to be kind. If you can’t determine if your comments are useful, they’re probably not!

Instead of judging your partner’s eating habits, you could make positive comments like, “that looks so yummy,” “I can’t wait to sit down and have dinner with you,” or better yet, “Is there anything specific you’d like for dinner this week?”

In the end, boosting your partner’s confidence only requires a little mindfulness in how you approach some personal situations.

Best of all, it can strengthen your relationship by making them feel more comfortable, attractive, and loved. Win, win for you both! Because helping someone else realize their full beauty is a wonderful act of love and kindness.

Remember that relationships thrive when we are kind and complimentary to each other.

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