Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we just passed the official beginning of Autumn. I spent the first forty-years of my life in Texas, where the seasonal changes present with a notation on the calendar. Now, living in the Midwest, I am blessed to experience Mother Nature’s autumnal crayon box.

I love everything about autumn. There is an invigorating crispness to the air with the first hints of frost. The special beauty of turning leaves as nature begins to shut down for our approach into winter. The farm fields are ripening, bursting forth with orange pumpkins and those beautiful green and yellow winter squashes. I also appreciate the earlier sunsets, encouraging us to go to bed earlier and catch more sleep.

In order for new life to be born, old souls must exit this space as autumn prepares us for those moments of birth and death. The cycle if life.  Our hopes and dreams also have a life cycle: the planting of new ideas and dreams, the cultivating of them, and the opportunity to harvest them as we bring them into our reality.

Just as the tree releases it’s leaves each fall, we also must shed things that no longer serve us.

Unlike the trees, though, we often cling to old relationships, worn out boots, or old beliefs long after they add value to our lives. Though we may instinctively know that our world is a bit too cluttered, we continue to allow what isn’t working for us anymore to cling to us. This clinging to the old and failing to release keeps us from planting the seeds of new dreams.

I’m a big fan of sticking with a consistent practices, like weekly reviews and gratitude. Yet, I know how easy it is to get lost in the day-to-day demands of life. We stop monitoring progress on our goals. We fall out of those solid routines that allowed us space to dream. We find ourselves reacting to life instead of actively creating how our days progress.

What if instead of seeing just a date on the calendar, we allowed autumn to invite us deeper into our lives and our dreams?

The changing weather encourages me to not only flip my closet to cool weather clothes, but to take stock of life. It’s a reminder to not only search for a new pair of boots, but to search for the beauty of conscious living. It’s the reminder to examine where my actions aren’t congruent with who I desire to be just as carefully as I look for holes in old sweaters.

Allow the shift in season to remind you to celebrate yourself and your successes. It’s all too easy to be aware of where we believe we’re failing, but dismiss those moments where we’re amazing, brave, and daring.

Permit the arrival of autumn to signal your soul that it’s time to dive into the pool of awareness. Let your mind examine what’s working in your life – and what isn’t. Give your heart (and body) permission to embrace action before we usher in a New Year.

Invite the arrival of fall to illuminate your secret desires and soulful dreams so that they can be born into your reality.

Are you ready to take your dreams into your reality?

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