One of the hardest things to do is to admit what we really want in our lives. We fear ever uttering aloud those secret longings and the dreams we’ve been avoiding. So, we keep them hidden from the world, those desires. Often from ourselves.

Not only do our minds thirst, but our hearts secretly lust for our desires. All the while, our souls yearn to be recognized.

Most of the time, we neglect these deep-seated needs of our souls because what we want isn’t practical, or the kinds of dreams we have aren’t honestly for “people like us”. We believe that the only people who get to realize their dreams are people who have a degree from an Ivy League college, people who are rich or entitled, people who have powerful connections.

So, our desires lay fallow in our hearts and continue to be secretly pushed into the back of our minds when they surface.

Sometimes, we become fascinated with a concept or way of living and live it vicariously through someone else’s words or life. We watch movies, read books, follow someone on social media. Because what we are truly fascinated with – food, flowers, love, travel, romance – we don’t feel is within our reach.

Sometimes, we dance around those desires. We buy a substitute. We settle. Maybe we want to be a writer or artist, but instead we read lots of books and visit lots of museums. We want to create beautiful meals, but instead we throw Ragu over pasta or only eat well when we dine out.We want to be loved, so we lavish attention on everyone else and neglect ourselves.

We don’t believe we deserve those dreams and desires.

Maybe we don’t believe we’ve worked hard enough to deserve it. Perhaps, we don’t believe we’re worthy.

Or maybe, the way we long to feel – peaceful, free, relaxed, loved – seems so small and ordinary, we push it away because it’s not big enough.

Instead of giving voice to our desires, we stay silent about them. We don’t write about them in our journal or share them with a trusted friend.

We play the if-then game with our desires.

    • If I lose twenty pounds, then I’ll….
    • When the kids start college, then I…
    • If I take this class, then I’ll be smart enough…
    • When I have fifty-thousand dollars in savings, then I can…
    • If I were younger, then I would….
But here’s the thing, kitten: you are never too old. You are never too far gone. You don’t have to keep waiting.

Darling, it’s time to stop denying your desires and bring them into the light. Be honest with yourself about your secret fascinations. Allow yourself to long for a secret passion. Dive into how you really want to feel.

Nothing is too big or small. It’s time to declare your secret desires. For when you give a voice to those desires, they have the opportunity to blossom into reality. When you declare what you long for, those passions are allowed to surface. When you get honest about how you really want to feel, you can begin to lean into those feelings.

Long ago, I learned that if I wanted to bring my dreams into my reality, I needed to breathe life into them.

I needed to write them down and say them out loud. I know for a fact that this can be scary. I also know that this daily life that I love continues to grow and expand because I open my heart and mind to my own soul.

Now it’s your turn to do the same thing. Breathe life into your dreams. Open your heart and mind. Listen to longings of your soul. Make a declaration. Your desires are sacred prayers.

Release your desires from the hidden, secret, and forgotten places.

You are worthy. Darling, it’s time to declare your desires so that they can be born into the world.

PS – Want help declaring your desires?

I’m giving you this beautiful little worksheet to print and fill in or digitally send it out into the Universe. No strings attached. Just click, download, and save i to your computer.

(Digital Fill in the Blanks Version | Print and Write in the Blanks Version)

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