I’m going to tell you a little secret about me, so listen close. Because, though it’s about me personally, I never share anything that wouldn’t help you to create a life you love. I love the rhythm of my everyday life.  From waking up, to packing JB’s lunch, to my first cup of coffee. From the start of the work day, to making dinner, to going to bed.

My life may not seem super glamorous or big to the outside world, but to me, my darling it is perfectly imperfect and I love it.

As a colleague mentioned about her life over coffee this week: it’s serene.

Are there things that I do that aren’t fun or I don’t particularly enjoy? Of course (like cleaning out the shower drain, which, while gross, was oddly satisfying).

I may not be 100% blissful all day, every day. But every single day, I am happy.

Is it perfect? Of course not. Life isn’t meant to be perfect, darling. There is a special beauty in the imperfect moments. And striving for perfection just exhausts us and leads us to more frustration.

Have I simply stopped trying to make life BIGGER or Bolder? No, darling I haven’t settled for less. In fact, I still have big dreams to make a part of my reality. And, baby, you better believe that I pursue those dreams with passion.

I’m a big believer that there are always things to learn and new skills to master. We are constantly evolving creatures.  Life is not meant to stay the same.

However. What I really came to understand, especially in the last couple of years, is that the key to becoming enchanted with my life is finding a deep love for what my current reality is.

When we choose to focus on what we don’t have, we are living in a state of constant reaching and searching and grabbing. Instead of searching for the next big thing that I thought I needed in order to be happy or satisfied with myself, I find contentment in the imperfection of little moments.

I stopped the if-then way of surviving and began to consciously live. No more waiting to lose twenty pounds, finish my novel, or waiting to check all of those bucket list things off my bucket list in order to see myself as worthy or loveable or happy, I have chosen to accept how things are in the now.

Instead of searching for happiness, I choose to be happy now.

I became smitten with myself when I began to recognize the beauty that existed in my daily life. I became enchanted with my life as I came to understand that the feelings I desired and the things I wanted in my life were feelings I was already experiencing and tiny steps on the path to what I desire to create.

I tend to the details of my life and become more and more besotted with my life and the art of living.

I’m no Pollyanna and I know that each and everyone of us has challenges and some downright sucktastic things going on in our lives. I have dealt with more drama and challenges and pain than I ever want to burden you with.

I know from experience that there are days when it feels like contentment, love, worthiness, and happiness are unreachable and only for others. And I know, darling, from experience that you can create the change you need in order to truly love yourself, warts and all.

It begins, darling, by accepting yourself who you are in the moment. And as you create a plan to make your dreams a reality, you stop living for the future and looking to having wishes come true one day.

That kind of thinking can blind you to what’s fabulous now.

Because, darling, what’s magical is that you can begin to understand that by loving what is, your dreams are already closer than you think. They are here and now.

Let’s step away from the need for perfection. Toss aside the labels. And become besotted with the art of Become Besotted with the ARt of Livingliving.

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