Once upon a time, I rushed from one moment to the next. The years were marked by milestones.   First Day of Schoolbathtime_samsonpollen_1968Christmas. Vacation. My next business trip. Birthdays.  Attending a Wedding. A romantic weekend in a B&B. A trip to Europe. A concert.

But over the last couple of years, I’ve learned  to see more beauty and joy within the in-between spaces.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love these events. Travel never fails to thrill me. I find wonder and joy within the joy of others. And any time set aside for romance gets an A in my book.

It’s just that life is so unexpectedly short.  Even when we live to be in our 90’s and beyond, the time inhabiting these mortal bodies will be a day (or more) shorter than we desire.

Life is too short to be miserable.  Too short to bide our time and wait for the “big events”. Too short to spend your time running around in a crazy-busy way. Too short to spend it with negative people or those who belittle your desires and dreams.

Life is also too short to hold grudges.  Withhold our forgiveness – to others as well as ourselves.  It’s too short to simply exist from day-to-day and seems wasteful to live in anticipation for the next big milestone.

The “tag line” I chose for my coaching practice reflects this:  fall in love with your life.  And for me, that means falling in love with the day-to-day process of living.

We get up every morning and move through our day.  There’s the first cup of coffee, work, lunches and meetings.  And then, it’s back home to handle the chores, eat dinner, and then fall back into bed to begin the cycle again. It’s a process that we each experience every day, give or take the variety of  activities.

It can be quite easy to find this mundane or boring. Of unworthy of special consideration because it’s simply “the norm”.

But here’s the real deal, kitten: we don’t spend the majority of life taking part in those “special event days” or a single whirlwind trip. The true adventure is in the “Lather – Rinse – Repeat” process of living.

Life is about creating routines that support you and rituals that connect you with your soul. It’s about finding joy in the necessary activities involved in creating a life. It’s fresh flowers in the kitchen, a favorite chair to lose yourself in a book, and taking the time to add a lemon to a glass of iced water.

It’s about living, not simply existing.

I have news for you, darling. You can take that life-altering trip to a faraway place, but if you haven’t chosen to truly be engaged in the living process, you won’t find satisfaction.  Because, wherever you go, there you are.

My hope for you is that you can discover romance at the kitchen table over a simple meal. That you create a life where you are artfully living.  That you find passion and purpose as you traverse through the days doing those “mundane tasks”.

Create a life you love in the lather, rinse, repeat cycles. For when you do, there will always be a sweetness, peace, and joy within each day.

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