D arling, I want you to know that I hear you. You find yourself so busy tending to the demands and needs of others, you’ve lost yourself. You want to know when it will finally be time for you to be the star in your own life. And the answer, my dear, is now.

I can already see you shaking your head. You’re too busy. You’re feeling burned out and overwhelmed. You have responsibilities: children, a spouse, and aging parents.

You deserve to be the star in your own life

It’s so easy to get lost in the busyness of life.

If there is one lament I hear from women time and again it’s this: they often feel like they’re playing a bit part in their own life. Oh, darling trust me, I hear you. I know They want to know when it will finally be time to be the star in your own life. Darling, I hear you. I used to BE you.

I talk to women all the time who are, well, sick and tired of being sick and tired of how their life is going.

They are unhappy, unfulfilled, and just don’t see how life can change.

They feel stuck behind the labels they’ve assigned to themselves. Mom. Wife. Sister. Grandmother.

They tell me about numbing themselves with food or alcohol or shopping.

They tell me that they are simply existing.  Going from one day to the next without any sense of purpose or excitement for life.

They tell me that if their husband would just be more romantic, then they’d be in the mood.  Or they tell me that if their adult children would just “get their lives together” then they could have more freedom. Or that if their mom would just get off their back, they could be happy.

They tell me that they don’t know what they want.  Or that they are afraid to ask themselves, because they are afraid of the answers.

They tell me that they feel ashamed that they’ve “let themselves go”.  Or that they don’t deserve to spend money on themselves. They tell me they feel frumpy and lost.

Baby, let me tell you something: I get it. I’ve been there.  I’ve done that.  I have said (or thought) almost every single one of those things.

I am here to tell you that you are not alone.I’m also going to tell you some real truth, so listen up:

Darling, there is a way out.

It is never too late.  You are never too old.  You are never too far gone.

You can make the choice the change your life, your world, your attitude.

I won’t promise you that it will be easy.  I won’t promise that it will be comfortable, but I can promise you that it is possible.

It doesn’t happen overnight.  It happens in baby steps.  But it starts with making the decision that you are ready for things to be different.

The only person that you can change is you. 

So, if you’re waiting for others to change so that you can be happy, you are going to be waiting a hell of a long time. 

You will never change you mother, your partner or your children. But you can accept them for who they are and where you are in this moment in time. (And you can show them that change and happiness are possible by changing yourself).

I understand it can feel impossible to get started. This, my dear, is why you reach out to others for help.

I don’t have the answers to make the changes in your life, but I do have something: the questions to get you started.  THIS is why I coach and why I created Make Your Inner Sex Kitten Roar.

I have so much love in my heart for you. And I have so much faith in youfaith that you can change and that you can be in love with your life.

You are worthy of love.  You are worthy of feeling sexy  and confident and desired.

You are worth investing in.

I can tell you the best thing I ever did was to invest in myself and get some help figuring things out.

You, darling, are responsible for your happy.

You deserve to be the star in your own life, darling, not the supporting cast.

Darling, isn’t it time?

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Life coach Debra Smouse helps women feeling overwhelmed by life and/or their schedule recreate their life into one worth falling in love with. A self admitted tarnished southern belle, she now resides in Dayton, OH with the man of her dreams.