It hurts my heart when I hear about the sufferings of others.  It drives me to go into action, desiring to comfort and then brainstorm in an attempt to help them uncover what’s really going on.   There is something so transformative that happens, once you can get to the why.

And to be totally honest here,  the whole humanness of people – that underlying story of how an individual lives and moves and works and loves fascinates me for it allows me to understand on a scale beyond my personal experiences.

Through the years, I’ve discovered that every person has their answers inside themselves, but just may not have the tools to uncover them alone.   They need a little help discovering the voice of their heart, which will lead them to the answers of their why, and guide them toward whatever the next step may be.

It can be so challenging to come from a place of love when the tools of the past have been fashioned from criticism, pinpointing what they did wrong, and all kinds of beating themselves up for failures.   I’m the first to admit that the voice of my inner critic is overly harsh and a bit mean spirited.

How can positive change occur when the only tools in your “creating change” toolbox are those critical ones?

So, darling, let me be frank: this is where you need to bring in the voices of others.   Because, baby, that inner critic you’ve been living with isn’t going to help you discover your next step.  And it sure isn’t going to help lift you up when you’re tired, frustrated, and worshiping at the altar of “busy” in order to keep all feeling away.

Sometimes, a single thoughtful question asked by a caring individual will open your world up.  Sometimes, a simple yet powerful paragraph will shush that inner critic.  Sometimes, investing an hour with a coach will help you create an action plan for the next month.

I believe that transformation is possible – especially if you approach it from a space of love and inner desires.  You just have to be willing to hold out a hand and ask for a little help if you’re struggling.

We are so blessed to live in a day and age where help is in reach.   You can order a book online or find it at your local library.  You can read blogs that will take you further along your path with one elegant idea.  You can enroll yourself in an educational opportunity.  You can hire a coach to help you peel away the layers and formulate a plan.

Even when your inner critic is quieter or kinder, he or she is always there with you because they’re a part of your life experiences. So, when your inner critic insists that you should doubt yourself, play small, and not take risks, tell them it’s going to be OK.

I know everyone is so ” busy”, especially as the year draws to a close and a new year begins.  Time is passing and it’s up to you to reach out for what you need.

I have an open and loving and empathetic heart. A heart that understands more than you can imagine. A heart that sends you so much love.  Above all, I have a heart and soul that will never judge you as you unwind your own heart and soul from the years and years of tamping down what you really want.

Make a leap of faith in your life and discover what you really want. Take a tiny courageous step. Begin your journey to the clearest, shiniest, most passionate and sexiest version of YOU.

Invest in yourself.  Reach out for a little help to shush the inner critic and discover the beautiful voice of you heart.

A deep dive into your desires can help you quiet your inner critic.


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