Hello, darling. I want to tell you something: you’re doing fine.

I know.  I know.  You had a “to do” list a mile long this week.

No matter how much you get done – or don’t do – this week, it’s ok.


Repeat after me:  “It’s OK.  It will be OK.”

Beating yourself up accomplishes nothing.

Let go of the belief that you don’t do enough. Because you do.

So, put the whip away.

Grab yourself a tall drink of something cool.

Put your feet up.

And immerse yourself in this moment in time.

Spend a little of this time connecting with someone you love.

What’s important at this time is that you allow yourself to be imperfect.

You are human.  Not a robot. 

It’s OK.

It will be OK.

So cut yourself some slack, my dear.

Have a cocktail.  Snuggle with your partner. Blow bubbles with the kid.

Show yourself some love.

After all, my dear: tomorrow is another day.

And in this moment, you are simply fabulous.


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