Hello, darling. How are you feeling this week?

Are you going to give me the societal polite answer:  “fine”?

Which is wonderful if you’re really feeling fine, but if you just told me a little white lie (or maybe a big fat lie), let me tell you something, darling:

I can handle the truth.

Good, bad or ugly.

So be honest with me – and with yourself, sweetie.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired or stressed and you can’t quite figure out why, ask yourself: have I done anything for me lately?

How often to you do what you think you “should” do?  What you mother expects you to do.  Or what you see your friends on Facebook doing, so you think you must as well.

How often do you set aside what you really need because you think it would be “selfish”?

Or don’t do what your heart tells you is the best path, because someone would criticize you?

How often do you work yourself to a state of exhaustion when you know in your heart that you are too tired to be productive?

I’ll be flat out honest with you: you’re not alone. I’ve struggled with choosing the best path for myself over what others think I should be doing (or wearing or saying…)

One of the most freeing – and important –  lessons I’ve learned as I’ve walked my path to living life in the zone is this:  if I don’t take care of myself, then I will be unable to love as fiercely and unconditionally as my soul can.

And, baby, love is the answer to so many questions. 

Loving yourself is critical to truly loving others.

When I deny my core needs: rest, play, good food, and time with my loved ones, I’m heading down a path towards feeling unhappy and exhausted.

I’ll let you in on a secret:  There is no prize at the end of the day for being the last person in the office.  Or being on the computer until 2 AM to stay caught up on email and Facebook.

My challenge to you this week is this: choose one thing to do that will honor YOUR needs over everything else.

I can’t tell you what that will mean exactly, but let me give you some ideas to play with.

Maybe it means reading a the latest thriller instead of the “serious” biography you’ve been slogging through.

Maybe that means a romantic dinner with your partner instead of heading to yet another networking event.

Maybe it means leaving work AT work and spending your evening on the deck watching the fireflies.

Maybe it means slathering yourself with sunscreen and heading to the pool instead of catching up on email.

Maybe it means skipping the gym and instead head to the driving range. Because the practice of hitting balls relaxes you more than running on the treadmill.

Maybe it’s unplugging for an afternoon instead of keeping your SmartPhone in your pocket.

Taking care of yourself and honoring your needs will help you accomplish more and serve others from a place of peace.

So tell me, sweetie:  how are you feeling?  And what can you do for yourself this week to feed your needs?

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