I have spent the bulk of this past week virtually unplugged.   I’ve also been in bed before 9:30 almost every night this week, had a long lunch with a good friend, and lingered over a glass of wine while listening to work stories from my partner and his colleagues.

At the same time, I’ve worked on a re-design of this website (which is almost *there*), chatted with clients and connected with some fellow coaches.

It’s been a damned good week.

It’s been a week where I’ve walked my talk.

I’ve indulged in some extreme self-care by listening to my body (lots of extra rest) and my soul (by unplugging from the internet).

I’ve fallen more deeply in love with my partner (damn I adore that man).

I’ve embraced what I love about my life and staying on path to what my number one priority is.

All because I am crystal clear about what my heart and soul desires.

Darling:  life is short.

If you forgo sleep for work on a regular basis, your work will become less brilliant because your body needs rest.  If you forgo connection with your partner or friends, the threads of connection grow weak.

If you forgo laughter because life is serious, then my love, you are missing the point of life.

Life is serious, yes – and it isn’t a bed of roses all the time, but it can be amazing if you allow it.  You deserve  joy and laughter into your world.

Get in touch with what your heart and soul wants.  Get crystal clear about your priorities.  Keep those priorities at the forefront of mind as you traverse through your days.

If you are struggling with what you want – or feel that you are simply observing your life instead of living it – I have created a class that will help you clear brain clutter that will begin on March 18th.

Not every day is perfect and we all hit some bumps along the way, but on the whole big picture of things, it should even out to being a damned good week for you too. 

If it’s not, then we should chat, sweetheart. Because you deserve it.

If you aren’t madly in love with your life, then now is the time to swing into a life that you are in love with.

As I said, my dear: life is short.

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