ThImagine that you are Jane.  Imagine the jungle of life is a literal jungle.  You admit that you have a pretty good life. You have a lovely tree house and you love Tarzan.  But you’ve come to realize that you want to take control over the direction of your life.  Love is great and all –  yet you know that you don’t want rely Jane in the Jungle of Lifeupon Tarzan for everything.

I mean, let’s face it:  living in the tree, while safe and fun can honestly be a little boring.

Your heart tells you that you can explore, learn and embrace the beautiful life around you.  In fact, your heart insists that while it’s nice for Tarzan and Cheetah and everyone else to like you, what’s most important is your opinion of yourself.

Listen to your heart, darling, Jane.  Muster up your courage, grab a vine, and begin swinging through the jungle.

As you begin exploring the jungle, you first only change vines when you can touch the next vine in your route. You build upon your courage and realize that you can take bolder actions. You want to explore more of the jungle and this means soaring through the air and reaching for a vine that’s further away. In order to explore further, you find that sometimes you have to let go of the vine in your hand without being able to see the next vine. You just have to know that it’s there.

But this isn’t the jungle, baby. The jungle of life is the whole world. And this, my dear is your life.

And to live a life that you love, means that sometimes, darling, you just have to take a giant leap of faith.

Your mind will say all kinds of mean things to you meant to keep you in the tree.  The tree is familiar.  It’s safe. You know exactly what to expect while you stay in the tree.  Yep, your inner lizard wants you to play small and never change.  Your Inner Critic may chime in and say “Didn’t you say you wanted a hunky man to take care of you?  Are you strong enough to swing out and explore on your own?  Are you worth the risk of exploring?

The jungle of life is calling for you to create a big vision and explore what that means.

And let’s be clear, sweetheart: whatever vision you have, it’s worth exploring. Because you are worth it.

Take it from me.  I was once like Jane in the Tree.  Then, I discovered that deep inside, my heart was crying out for me to be my true self: Warrior Jane.  I learned to go through life on faith.  Faith has led me to embrace my passions, find my courage, discover true love, wrestle with forgiveness, and fall head over heels in love with my life.

You have a choice, darling: you can stay in the tree and cling to a single vine of your current existence.  Or.

You can swing out as far as you are able, take a flying leap and embrace what’s it’s like to live fully.

You desire and deserve a life that feeds your soul.  You deserve to leave behind what drains your energy.  You deserve to embrace love.  To leave behind  you living small, regrets, and the pieces of your broken heart that is strewn upon the floor of your past.  You deserve to let go of the self-image of a person who doesn’t deserve happiness or love.

For you deserve the most powerful love of all:  the love of yourself.

Choose love over fear.

Discover that even when the vines of life seem too far apart, your heart will know that the next vine is there waiting for you.  Embrace your life.  Embrace faith.

Discover who you really are – and what you really desire.


The jungle of life is calling you to create your vision. Isn’t it time to take that leap of faith?

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