It was chilly when I got up this morning and as I slipped my feet into my slippers, I thought “Hm.  I should buy some new slippers so I’ll be ready for winter!”  Yes, I’m well aware of the fact that it’s still August, yet the thought of seeking some warm slippers in the midst of back-to-school shoppers was appealing.  In fact, it felt like a need, not simply a whim upon discovering that my slippers were worn out.

My mind was suddenly wrapped up in a fantasy of getting dressed up, shopping and discovering not only the perfect slippers, but a sexy new nightgown with matching robe as well as a new tube of mascara.  My shopping would be so successful that not only would I find the perfect slippers, sleepwear, and sexy make-up that would give me come-hither eyes, I would also stumble across an exceptional outfit as well  as the most amazing pair of boots.  All of these wonderful discoveries opening before my mind’s eye would take hours to complete, leaving time for nothing further in the day before it came time for dinner.

And then I stopped and realized that though I’m a big believer in the power of daydreaming, my daydreams were really my mind’s attempt to talk me into running away from home.  In fact, this daydream was doing a great job of distracting me from my intention for the day:  writing.

Though my mind was insisting that it (along with the rest of me) needed to go shopping, I first spent a few moments in meditation, connecting with God and my heart.  The voice of my heart gently told me it had other priorities today and that slippers could wait.   And then, instead of heading to the mall, I sat down at my desk and began to write.

You see, I have known my whole life that one of my gifts is to reach out and touch others with my words.  If I don’t write (or speak with you), than how can I share the gifts I was given for the purpose of serving others?

This is when I began to wonder about YOU.  Has your mind convinced you that your gifts have no value?  Do distractions to pull you away from your dreams?  Remember that our minds will try to convince us that in order to stay safe, things must stay exactly as they are.  This is why it tempts you with the distraction of things (like shoes).  That’s why it insists that you need to be practical.  That’s why it tries to convince you that you are silly for dreaming.  Or that you don’t deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life.

I know that your mind will attempt to talk you into stuffing your gifts, dreams and desires into a box and running away.   If you find yourself distracted from your intentions for the day, especially when they involve stepping towards your big dreams, take five minutes to still your mind and listen to your heart.  The quiet voice of your heart knows your why.  It will remind you of the gifts you were born with, and guide you towards stepping into your purpose and sharing those gifts with the rest of us.

You have a right to step towards what delights you.  You deserve to be happy.  You need to share your gifts with the world.

I’d love for you to share:  what are your gifts?  What distractions does your mind tempt you with?

Artwork:  A Lad Her Problem is by Gil Elvgren

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