The other morning, I was up at 4 AM. I had gotten six solid hours of sleep and my mind was insisting it was time to get up and attack the day. My body, however, disagreed. We compromised and I got out of bed and read. It was perfect in so many ways: JB was sleeping soundly, and I had a good book, a glass of water, and a soft blanket to throw across my legs.

I was deep into my book when I heard a noise.  Other than my reading lamp, the house was shrouded in darkness.  I glanced towards the front door and saw a shadow.  My mind began to create a variety of potential Things That Go Bump in the Night, including the unknown monsters in my childhood closet.

I took a sip of my water, stood, and took a cautious step towards the entry hall.

The noise was the wind.  The shadow was the tree in our front yard.  My fear was simply a combination of my lizard brain and my wild imagination.

Yep.  I was scaring myself. I do it all the time, and I bet that you do, too

I’m here to tell you that YOU are not your thoughts.

These thoughts, the ones produced by your lizard brain, your inner critic and that beautiful imagination will do their best to keep things exactly as they are.  If you are a reader of Steven Pressfield,  you’ll recognize the face of resistance.    And you are not to blame for your thoughts.  They are not your fault, you’ve committed no sin, and you’ve done nothing wrong.  The thoughts of resistance are simply trying to keep the status quo because being stuck is safer.   They will try to judge you or guilt you.

(The real you knows better. )

When resistance, your lizard brain, or your inner critic conjures up monsters in the dark, take comfort in that fact that you are not your thoughts.   It’s simply a part of you attempting to keep you from growing – an attempt to distract you from your path of purpose and passion.

YOU have free will.   You have the desire to make changes and create the life of your dreams.   You have the ability to take action and step away from the voices.

Just like I stepped towards the source of noise and shadow in the pre-dawn dark, you can take a small, courageous step toward what you fear.  Fight the resistance.  Move toward what you love.  Within you is the ability to set the world on fire with your gifts.  I have faith that you can do it.

So, ‘fess up:  what fear is keeping you from creating the life you dream of?  What one step can you take today to inch you closer?

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