Nurses are trained caregivers, and it is often the case that they forget that they need care too. This can lead to low energy over time, which can be detrimental to the love of the job. Getting into nursing and the history behind this centuries-old profession is something many do for the love of being a nurse.

But it would be best if you had self-care too.

One – Stress

Nursing can be a high pressure, high-stress workplace. After all, the care of hundreds of patients a week falls to you. Sometimes it doesn’t go well. To help you reduce stress levels, you should include some stress-reducing activities into your weekly schedule. Hobbies are proven to increase happiness and reduce stress. So it might just be time to get a new hobby.

Two – Diet

One of the problems is that many nurses need to eat quickly between running from one patient to another, and the different working schedules can cause several metabolic issues. Developing a plan that can supply you with quick to eat foods, with a high nutritional value, can be essential to your general health.

Three – Rest

When you have time off, you must rest. Of course, you will probably have a range of errands to run, but if you have space to enjoy a cup of tea and unwind, then take it.

The history of nursing shows selfless people looking after those injured in wartime and their local communities – but nurses must have moments of self-care to recharge.

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