Finding the right career is one of the most challenging things in the world. When the time comes to choose a career path to suit you and your needs, it is important to think about one that is satisfying. A career is more than just a job and it will be something that changes the way we live our lives. And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that having a work life that is not just gratifying, but adds to the quality of your daily life is important to overall happiness in life.

Sure, in our younger years we may be more open to taking on roles that might not be all that exciting or fulfilling, but as we get older it becomes more important for us to choose a role that makes us feel happy and valued when it comes to our work life.

Here are seven key factors to having a work life that is not only satisfying but also rewarding

One – Money Isn’t Everything But It Does Matter

The only reason anyone does any job is to earn money to live. No matter the other factors in play when it comes to career, money will always be the main driver for our decision making. It is important for us to find a job that pays well enough for the role we take on, and one that allows us to live a comfortable and happy lifestyle.

Two – Manageable Stress Levels Add to Having an Enjoyable Work Life

The main thing to consider when it comes to a career path is the stress the role will cause. We all spend a chunk of our lives worrying about our diet or exercise regime, however we don’t focus enough on our mind. Mental health is important and stress at work is crucial to manage. When finding a great career for yourself, make sure that you choose a job that isn’t too stressful!

Three – Finding Value in the Work You Do Can Be Important

If you want a change in pace for your career and you are looking to find a job role that makes you feel fulfilled and valued, find a job looking after others. Being able to look after other people is one of the most satisfying jobs you can do and it will allow you to feel proud of your career every single day.

For example finding a rewarding job in urgent care can be a great option or choosing a career working for an animal charity could bring you a real sense of happiness and pride every day. Whether you look after vulnerable people or animals, you’ll gain a sense of achievement and pride not seen anywhere else.

Four – A Satisfying Work Life is Easier When You Like and Respect Your Colleagues

One of the things that can change the dynamic of a job is the people who work with you. If you are working for people who are friendly and personable, you’ll feel much happier than in a place where no one talks to each other. We spend so much of our lives at our jobs that it is important to work somewhere where the people are kind and we are able to get along with them.

Five – A Company Culture That Fits Your Values Can Be Key

Company culture is a huge factor in the success of your work life as well as your happiness in a role. Many companies have a very different culture, and moving from a strict place to a relaxed one can be a monumental shift for your happiness and overall job satisfaction. Think about finding a workplace that is flexible, that cares about its employees, and that is open to socializing. An open and modern workplace culture can make all the difference to your happiness in a role.

Six – Opportunities for Growth and Advancement Can Be Key to Career Happiness

No matter how old you are, there will always be a step up available in your career path to strive for. If you are someone who wants to make more money, change the world, or run your own business one day: you’ll want opportunities to grow and thrive in your role. This is why a job role with the opportunity for growth can be such an amazing thing and it can make all the difference to your life. Find a role where you have the chance to train and grow, and it will truly allow you to excel, find new skills, and feel accomplished.

Seven – Your Work Life is Enhanced When Your Company Has a Solid Reputation

One of the things you might not think about straight away when searching for a job is the reputation of the company. In order to find a role that is satisfying and makes you happy, you need to first think about the company you will be working for. Big companies such as Google, for example, have a wonderful reputation and treat employees well. Whereas other companies such as Amazon might not provide the best working conditions. Make sure that you look for employee reviews and think about who you will be working for.

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