Do you ever have one of those days when everything in your life feels like you’re teetering on the edge of anarchy? As if even the tiniest action feels insurmountable? And if you could just seize one moment of feeling in control, you’d take it? Oh, sugarplum, I feel you. And, in fact, like you, I’ve had periods in my life that weren’t just a few bad days.

But weeks of feeling as if there was nothing in my life I could wrangle into any shape or form that felt supportive. It’s so helpful to do this when the outside world is “normal”.

So, I’m going to walk you through one of my favorite exercises to feel like I am in control of at least something: going full Martha Stewart in the bedroom.

On the surface, I know this will seem over simplistic. But I promise if you stick with me, you will create a tiny sanctuary of space guaranteed to bolster your mood. And help you feel in control of at least one area of your life. And you’ll be so grateful if especially now when the world seems more challenging than ever.

Step One – Strip Your Bed

I want you to take every bit of bedding off the bed. Fold up the comforter. Strip off the sheets, pillow cases, and blankets. Now remove all the protective covers you have going on: the mattress pad, the pillow protectors, and more.

If you can manage it, while your bed is naked of linens, flip the mattress. This may require a little help. But I’d be lying if I didn’t confess to being able to flip a king sized mattress – with some care – by myself when I’ve been especially stubborn and determined.

Step Two – Wash Your Linens

While you may not be able to get your comforter to the dry cleaners today, at least shake it out. Then, I want you to take your sheets, pillow cases, and the pillow protector to the washer right this minute. Use your favorite laundry soap, fabric softener, and even those little beads that make the laundry smell fresh longer.

Did you know that most sheets are meant to be washed in warm water on the gentle cycle?

Oh. And if these are not your most comfortable and loved sheets, you will be storing them away. To feel in control of at least one thing you need your favorite sheets. The ones that feel amazing next to naked skin.

Step Three – Grab a Tote Bag or Laundry Basket

I want you to walk through your bedroom, grab everything that doesn’t belong in there, and toss it in the bag. Clear everything off your nightstand and the dresser. Look for piles of clothes in corners and shoes under the bed. Take any cups or dishes back into the kitchen.

Now, my darling, you have a choice here. You can set a timer for five minutes and put everything away. Or, you can cheat and stash that bag in a closet. Out of site, out of mind. Seriously, the bin and bag method is one of my go-to moves when I need to wrangle a space in order and in control.

Isn’t this nice? A tidy, uncluttered space to call your sanctuary.

Step Four – Really Clean Your Bedroom

Bring your favorite cleaning supplies into the bedroom. Thoroughly dust every surface that can be dusted. Yes, even dust all the parts of your bed, including the side rails hidden under that dust ruffle. While you have a dusting cloth out, wipe down the baseboards, too. Don’t spray the baseboards directly with any cleaner; simply spray a dusting cloth with cleaner and use the damp cloth.

If you’re in need of feeling even more in control of something, I dare you to climb under your bed and dust the baseboard hidden behind the bed, too. Oh, and while you’re under there? Take a damp cloth and run it along the crack between the baseboards and the carpet.  You’ll be amazed at how much dust has settled there.

Last, but not least, vacuum really good.

Are you feeling like a bit of the chaos is fading away yet? Isn’t it amazing how feeling in control in one tiny space and ease the pressure on your heart?

Step Five – Make the Bed with Love & Attention to Detail

Next up, it’s time to make the bed with fresh, clean sheets. Begin with a clean mattress cover. Put fresh pillow protectors on your pillows. And now, my darling, make your bed with the utmost of care. This is preparing the bed as if The Queen will be sleeping here.

Because she will be. That’s because you, my darling, are the Sovereign in your own life.

When you channel that vision and energy during your task, you’ll feel the results. So, not only do you want to put those beautiful, soft, and delicious smelling sheets on your bed. Do it the right way. Tuck everything in just so and even make those hospital corners. If you have any linen spray, spritz the sheets where your pillow will rest. And spritz the pillows, too.

Step Six – Take a Deep Breath and Allow Yourself to Feel in Control

Now that you’ve reclaimed your room in a way that helps you feel in control, the key is to keep it as a sanctuary. Because when life gets crazy, we all need a place that will hold us in love and safety. Whenever you have moments of feeling like the world is closing in on you, go into your perfectly tended bedroom. Stand quietly by your perfectly made bed and take a big, deep breath.

Breathe in peace and serenity. And when you exhale, let go of all the angst and stress. And when you have no where to turn and no one to turn to, turn to yourself. In this space. And remind yourself that you are in control of at least one area of your life. Even when the outside world feels scary and chaotic thanks to the need to shelter-in-place.

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