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Twenty of My Favorite “Love Life” Quotes

my twenty favorite love life quotes

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that sometimes, we need to take in the wisdom of others. Whether it’s the words of a poet, like Mary Oliver or an ancient philosopher, like Rumi, there’s something about reading affirming words that can inspire you when you’re needing inspiration. Or comfort when you’re feeling blue. Over […]

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Seven Fabulous Benefits You Realize When You
Love Your Life

when you love your life

If there’s one thing I have learned, it’s this: when you love your life, it will love you right back. While I say with a light heart (and a bit tongue in cheek) I also know it to be true. The key to making it work for you lies in the power of your mind. […]

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Love Your Life Or Change It? Which One Will Bring
You Real Happiness? (Hint It’s BOTH)

Love Your Life or Change It Do Both SocialSized

You have to admit it: your life is pretty good. You regularly post #blessed as your status along with glamorous shots of your morning coffee. And yet, there are big swaths of time when you’re desperately unhappy. You can’t help but wonder if you should love your life or change it. It feels like an […]

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You Real Happiness? (Hint It’s BOTH)

Choice is How We Love Ourselves and Our Life

Choice is the Answer (Lucia Lerner for Gibson Card)

The wisest and most loving piece of advice I was ever told was this: “You are always in choice.” It came during a time of my life that I was able to hear it, even though I didn’t quite buy into the truth of the statement right away. I can see you rolling your eyes […]

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Ten Tips to Hasten Post-Fire Recovery


The story I shared with you about my return to writing in a paper journal was only one story of bonfires. You see, I’ve built more than one of those blazes in my lifetime and I’m sure there are more to come. Building a bonfire to destroy old truths and outdated beliefs is worth it, […]

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Owning Your Story is a Choice for Healing and Happiness

Owning Your Story Heals and Makes You Happier

I never tire of the gloriousness of being human. The downside of this glorious human experience is that a part of doing such means we are going to experience discomfort and pain. The secret to allowing ourselves to BE who we desire to be in the world is owning your story. I love that science […]

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Shared Ritual Is You Choosing Love Over Fear

Edwin Georgi for English Woman Magazine 1958

We have a ritual on workdays. JB comes home from work, we open a bottle of wine, and we sit out on the deck and talk about our respective days. This is harder on him than I; he is an introvert around people all day and I am the extrovert who works alone at home. […]

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Cultivating Gratitude This Season

Cultivate Gratitude This Season

As we move into the holiday season, it can be easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle. We worry about getting the best deals and buying enough presents for everyone; hosting the perfect holiday party; having a perfectly decorated home. There’s so much pressure to be commercially perfect that we forget […]

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Find Your Moments of Perfection with Love


I had three perfect moments before 8 AM on an ordinary Tuesday morning. Though they lasted mere seconds, my heart was awash with gratitude and my soul was bathed in love. One happened during that twilight between dreaming and waking as a crisp breeze floated through the window. The second occurred as we were making […]

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Access Your Joy: Create a Gratitude Practice

A Gratitude Practice Helps You Be Joyful (By Vladmir Volegov)

When someone asks me what one thing they can do to shift their life, without needing to think, ponder, or ruminate in any way, I answer “Gratitude.” When a client asks me how to stay emotionally afloat during a crazy period of time, I tell them to do two things: their gratitude practice and weekly […]

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