If there’s one thing I have learned, it’s this: when you love your life, it will love you right back. While I say with a light heart (and a bit tongue in cheek) I also know it to be true. The key to making it work for you lies in the power of your mind. Because your thoughts create your reality.

There is a mighty power in decision. Deciding to love your life allows you to love your life. Deciding to be happy helps you be happier.  The decision to do these things helps you build that inner strength. And momentum to continue loving yourself and your life. There is also power in the reminder that you are always in choice.

So, when you remind yourself that no matter what’s happening, you can choose to love your life? Talk about potent!

I am the first to admit that declaring you will love your life isn’t always easy to follow through with.

It can be hard to do that sometimes. I know this well. We are bombarded with stories of horror in the news. Our social media feeds are full of magic potions or life changing courses we must buy if we hope to love ourselves or be successful. The airbrushed models in magazines and Insta-Famous folks in our feed can make us feel inferior and pretty darned imperfect.

Even when you love your life. And see the beauty in it’s imperfection. You will experience moments of questioning yourself. Am I doing enough? Am I too imperfect? Does a tough season mean I will never love my life again? Questioning ourselves, our choices, and our own happiness is simply part of the human condition.

Yet, the power of choice and decision will always bring you back to center. You decide to love your life. You choose to love your life. And that power allows you to reap the benefits of loving your life.

Here are seven amazing benefits you realize when you love your life

One – You let go of people-pleasing.

One of the greatest detriments to our happiness? Trying to please everyone. Whether it’s our partner, best friend, our parents, or even random stranger in the store, the tendency to please others is a hurdle.It prevents us from being our authentic selves, and we can’t love our life if we’re not also being authentic.

However, when you decide you will love your life, this tendency begins to soften. Loving your life opens the door to you choosing your own needs and desires over the wants of others. This doesn’t mean you don’t make others a priority, you just don’t sacrifice your needs for theirs.

Two – Your daily life feels more authentic.

When you learn to make your own needs a priority, you begin living a more authentic daily life. Your life on your terms. Now, don’t confuse this with perfection. Not the Instagram-worthy way of looking at life, but the kind of life that makes you thrive. And find moments of happiness on the regular.

Authentic living allows you to channel that into pleasure, delight, and luxuries. All things which allow you to love your life even more.  Flowers in the bathroom. A cozy evening with a glass of wine and a great book. Finding the little things that bring everyday beauty to your life will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to bring your best self.

Three – You recognize that you are not broken.

When we hit a snag in life, it can be a huge temptation to throw in the towel. To go down the rabbit hole that we are unworthy of happiness, let alone loving ourselves. Those can be moments of questioning our ability to love our lives. It can be so easy to believe that we are broken, irreparably so.

Darling, you are not broken. And no matter how big of a setback or disappointment or heartbreak you experience, that is no reason to give up. The key to your resilience is to learn to love who you are, for all your glorious traits, and to extend that love to your life.

When you love your life, you finally understand that you don’t have to hustle for love. Love is your birthright. And that means that no matter how challenging life may be, you will also understand you are never broken.

Four – You become happy with your “right now” when you realize you love your life.

If you decide that the only way you can possibly love your life is if your life were different? That means you will never be happy.  This is that belief that the grass is greener on the other side. And I have a secret for you: if you are constantly circling with that attitude, you know what you’ll find on the other side of that fence? You’re going to find something else wrong with what you now have.

Instead, when you love your life now, you appreciate the present. As it is. Warts and all.  This is how you truly begin to life a full life. All in, every day. No more waiting. No more if-then waiting on your dreams. You get to be happy now.

From this place, you get to experience more of what makes life sweet (or exciting).   You can love your life and make changes. You can love your life and want more. Being in love with your “right now” life is not a call for stagnation.  No more settling for you, my dear.

Five – You can better manage the fear around unexpected changes.

The one constant in life is that it will always be changing. Sure, most of us need some stability in our life, but change is inevitable. You and I have been around the sun enough times to know this explicitly. Even when we know that, just the possibility of change causes us to be fearful.

Embracing change as part of the “right now” of life will give you the strength and courage to meet those changes with gusto, even if they are life-altering or heartbreaking. Your capacity to be happy is not dependent on how little your life changes, but your ability to love it even when everything changes.

This means that when you love your life, you manage changes with more grace. And that, my darling, is an amazing benefit.

Six – When you decide to love your life, you learn to stop striving for perfection.

Let me remind you, my dear: none of us are perfect and we will never be perfect. Take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Isn’t it time to give up the pursuit of perfection? When you stop striving for perfection, you also stop comparing yourself to others. I mean, sure, your neighbor who always looks so polished and dresses in the latest clothes. But she struggles just as much as you do.

When you love your life, you finally understand that we will always make mistakes. Mistakes and imperfect moments then get to be moments of growth. Rather than something you obsess over for years. You are free from the chains of perfection and you can now live your life in your beautiful, sometimes messy, always special life.

Talk about a benefit: freedom, my dear, is pretty wonderful, isn’t it?

Seven – Goals and dreams feel like an invitation for expansion.

I’ve never been a fan of “resolutions”. At least from a space of forcing yourself to do better and be more disciplined. That’s because coming from that approach comes from the belief that you must be broken and in need of fixing. When you love your life, you set goals that make your heart flutter. Not goals based on what you think you should do, but what you deeply desire to experience and create.

When you choose to love your life, you approach the call for expansion as an invitation for expansion. And my dear, isn’t that a beautiful way to approach creating – and living – the life of your dreams?

Loving your life means meeting the challenges of everyday life and seeing it as a journey rather than a set state of being.

When you love your life, you will begin reaping these benefits. And more. You will be open to kind of transformation within yourself that continue to call forth the best version of yourself. Because you have this kind of self-love,  you have the resilience to face whatever comes your way. After all, having a good day, every day, is not what loving your life is all about. Loving your life means more good days, leaving you with an overall feeling of happiness. And, darling, isn’t that what we all want?

When you love your life, your life will love you right back.

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