Summer is here and that means it’s time to think about vacation.  No matter where you are trying to go, the warm tropical air of the beach,  or high up in the mountains, having the right travel tools to help you plan a perfect vacation will ensure you have a stress-free vacation.

Vacations are supposed to help you relax. But you aren’t alone if all that planning feels stressful and overwhelming. And wanting to make it perfect can add to the pressure. Not to mention all those logistics. You’re not sure what you should bring, how much, what the weather will be like, where are you going to stay, getting the right flights, or finding the right destination.

Even with a good plan, it can be challenging to figure out activities to do and where to go while on vacation. Fun All-Inclusive Family Resorts & Vacation Packages  are areas to look for when you plan your vacation. They have many different package deals ideal for your upcoming holiday.

If you want to plan the perfect vacation here are some great travel tools that can be used in the palm of your hand. Yes, there’s an app for that! And these will make your vacation planning feel more effortless. And, the best part is they are available on many different operating systems, so regardless of your preference, iOS, Android, or the web, we’ve got your back.


Goby is a search engine that is all about finding fun things to do with your free time, on a fantastic vacation. You can find Goby on iOS, Android me of and the web.

To Do

Do you have trouble keeping everything straight? To Do is a set of travel tools that makes task management simple. It’s only available on iOS, so you need an Apple product to use this app.


Plannr is a point-to-point trip guide for 20 popular urban destinations across North America and Europe. It’s only available on the web, so you will have to do some planning before you go if you want to use this resource.

Flight Tracker

Do flight delays stress you out? Do you get annoyed waiting in airports wondering when your flight is going to board? If so, try Flight Tracker. It’s the only free flight tracking/flight status app that covers all airlines. And the good news is it’s available on every operating system out there. It’s one of our go-to travel tools.

Award Wallet

Do you spend a lot of time traveling? If so, keeping track of those frequent flyer miles can be rough. With Award Wallet, you can use this travel tool to track all your frequent flyer miles in one place if you have Android or iOS. If not, you can still use Award Wallet on the web.

Gas Buddy

Are you planning on driving but not sure where to stop to get the cheapest gas? Gas buddy is a tool that helps you find the cheapest gas on the go. One good thing is that you can use it anywhere with your iPhone, Android, or even on the web.

Google Maps

Do you tend to get lost easily? With Google Maps no matter where you are, you can navigate to your next destination. It’s certainly one of my go-to travel tools! This app is great because it does not only give you estimated times of arrival for driving but also for walking and public transportation. You can use Google Maps on the go with any smartphone or web browser.


Are you always struggling to book flights, hotels, or rental cars without putting you in debt? Well, Kayak allows you to book cheap flights, hotels, vacations, and rental cars through top travel companies. You can access Kayak through the web,iPhones, and Andriod.


Trying to visualize a trip but your not exactly the best at it? Trippy is dedicated exclusively to collecting and sharing pictures and experiences of other people’s vacations to help you visualize your very own trip. With Trippy, you can use it on your Android,iPhone, or maybe just on the web.

Weather Bug

Trying to plan your week or day, but not sure what the weather holds? Weather Bug is a tool that allows you to track weather forecast for anywhere. With more than 35,000 monitoring stations worldwide, it provides hyper-local weather updates for any time of the day. You can use it on any smartphone or web browser, which is perfect if you are on the go or sitting around.

Utilizing These Travel Tips will Help Reduce Stress on your next vacation.

Just like life, a little planning can go a long way. And to ensure you feel stress-free while you’re traveling, all you need it your smart phone. No matter if you’re ready to go on the vacation now. Or plan a trip later in the year, you’ll be more prepared. Which, by the way, can make your vacation more enjoyable. Because research found that your brain can access those feel-good emotions planning something almost as much as actually experiencing it!

From expenses to the weather, you have some great travel tools that allows you to figure out precisely what you want. From the tools designed to sit down at your desk while you take your time to plan your trip. And many of which can be used on the go with your smartphone.  Either way, they will ensure that you find the perfect vacation destination and have the ideal experience you should have on a getaway vacation.

No matter what, there is an option for you. A stress-free vacation is all you want and these travel tools can make the difference between a vacation that’s just so-so and a great one.

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