Being happy will be composed of different elements for each person. For some, it will be having a better understanding of who you are, and for others, it might be having a good network of friends and support around you. Still more might be happiest when they achieve something that they can be proud of.

No matter what happiness looks like to you, it’s crucial that it is a part of our lives. The happier we are, the more productive we can be, and being happy is an excellent way to improve our mental health too. With this in mind, here are some useful tips on how to be happier and live a full life.

Habit One – Be Nostalgic

Although it’s not good to dwell on past mistakes and think of ‘what ifs’ because these things will deepen or even cause depression instead of help with it, it is good to be nostalgic from time to time and enjoy thinking back on the good things that happened in the past. You can do this by looking through old photos albums, scrolling through the photos and videos in your iCloud account after clicking here to see how much space you have left, or perhaps by talking to friends and loved ones about times gone by.

Allowing yourself to spend time in the past like this will release mood-boosting feel-good chemicals in your brain, which will ensure you feel great not just while you’re looking at the old images but for many hours afterward, too.

Habit Two – Exercise

For some people, the idea of exercising is not something that makes them particularly happy. However, the reality is that, no matter what you think of it before you begin, thanks to the dopamine and serotonin your body releases as you work out, by the time you finish, you’ll feel very happy indeed. These chemicals produce a ‘natural high’ which will alleviate your stress, especially as they combat cortisol, otherwise known as the stress hormone.

As well as this, when you exercise regularly, you will lose weight and get fitter and healthier. The more you feel this, the more it will enhance your life and the happier it will make you overall. This is why exercise is such a great, yet simple habit.

Habit Three – Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal is a great way to be happier. When you make it a habit to write in your journal every night (this can be a physical journal or a computer-based one as the principle is the same for each), you can analyze your thoughts, think about the good things (and the bad) that happened, and make plans for the future. All of this can make you feel happier for various reasons.

Writing in a journal allows you to release the burden of any thoughts that might be causing you a problem, for example. As well as this, it will give you a rush of excitement to plan out the future. You can always dispose of the journal when you’re done if you prefer; it’s the process more than the content that is important.

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