It happens to us all at some point – we find ourselves just going through the motions, day in day out, and we realize that, while we were looking the other way, we became stuck in a rut. This feeling takes all the zest and enjoyment out of life and everything feels routine and a little pointless. Perhaps you’ve been caring for others a long time and not realizing how much that can encroach on being yourself.

Recognizing that this has become your situation is one thing, but making a change can be harder. When you’re feeling low on enthusiasm, taking that first step to break the cycle is much easier said than done. So how do you break free and broaden your horizons?

One – Break Out of a Rut by Learning Something New 

A love of learning is a lifelong gift, and it always has the power to reinvigorate us when we feel as if life has dulled it’s luster. Think about what you really enjoy and pursue it. It could be booking onto a Thai cookery course, or perhaps finally learning the basics of dressmaking. Following a thread of curiosity can allow you to not only bust through a rut, but find a new passion.

Sometimes more formal learning can enhance your existing career or give you new avenues in work as well. The growth in distance learning now means that you can do anything from soft skills training like time management to an online BBA degree all from home. But learning doesn’t have to be so formal – self-directed learning at home can be amazing, and there are so many resources out there, from YouTube tutorials to help you up-cycle furniture to Google Garage lessons to help you understand digital marketing.

There are so many ways to learn these days. So, if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, remember that knowledge is out there.  Visit your local library. Find new blogs to read. Or invite a new friend for coffee. Once you learn something new, it tends to spark off a passion that can really reinvigorate your life.

Two – Planning a Trip Can Help You Break Free from a Rut

Seeing the world is a well known reinvigorating force, so why not plan in your next adventure to get a boost? There’s something about picking a destination, searching for hotels, planning a travel itinerary and booking tickets that can get you fired up like nothing else. Travel helps to put our issues into perspective by physically removing us from a location – a change of scenery usually prompts a change in our way of thinking too.

Or why not only plan a trip but be a little spontaneous? Look for some last minute flights at a cheap rate? This often means you can end up discovering somewhere wonderful that you may not have thought to visit. And the resilience of dealing with the unexpected can wake our minds up and give us some much-needed re-invigoration.

Three – Consider Doing Some Volunteer Work to Bust a Rut

Research shows that a sure fire way to get us fired up and feeling better about ourselves is by doing something for someone else. So finding a local volunteering opportunity could really get you going again. Not only will you be doing something positive for others, but it’s a chance to meet new people and even gain skills that you might not have been able to get otherwise. And that could open a few doors in itself!

Remember that feeling like your life is boring or that you’re stuck in a rut you can’t get out of is temporary.

It’s important to take that powerful tool awareness and acknowledge that you’re simply going through a more challenging season of life. Then you’ll be prepared to do something about it. Even if you’re going through a period of limbo, know that taking action allows you to gain some momentum. Soon you’ll be right back on path to loving and appreciating your life.

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