It’s that time of year when we take a step back, reflect, and resolve to do something to become more of our best selves in the year to come. Though we can all probably benefit from exercising, eating healthy, or getting our homes more organized, I believe we can all benefit from figuring out how to be happier in the year ahead.

Rather than a way to look at what your life may be missing. Or as a way to chastise yourself for being less than perfect, I am going to suggest you do it from a space of rounding out your own rough spots.  But where to begin?  Especially if you want to be happier.

The 16 Myers-Briggs personality types give insight into how we make decisions, get energized, stay motivated, react to conflict, learn new things, communicate with others, and behave in relationships.

How about allowing your Myers-Briggs personality type to help you set a goal from the understanding of who you are uniquely.

Knowing your type allows you to better know your strengths so that what goals you set come from an authentic place.

So, what gets in the way of satisfaction in life? How can we be happier? It’s important to look at your weaknesses. Understand that I prefer to see the so called “weaknesses” of your personality type as soft spots. Recognizing so called weaknesses as areas of your personality or life that you want to polish is helpful.

Each and every personality has plenty of gifts and virtues. But often what gets in the way of our own happiness are those parts of our personality that give us challenges.

Resolutions for “Analyst” Types to be Happier Next Year

Analyst types are folks who are “iNtuitive Thinkers”. (The _NT_ types.) They are driven people! In addition to a love of problem solving, they can’t Be Happier in the Year Ahead for Analyst Typeshelp but need to understand every facet of an issue and love problem solving.

Yet, when it comes to making a concerted effort to be happier, iNtuitive Thinkers spend so much time in their heads that it sometimes keeps them from actually experiencing happiness. Which is why moving into a new year is the perfect opportunity to combine thinking (setting goals and/or resolutions) with acting in a way outside your comfort zone as a path to a more nourishing daily life.

Just as people vary, let’s identify a goal to set for each of these iNtuitive Thinker Types so that you can be happier.

INTJ: The Mastermind

INTJ’s rely upon their own intellect, and are usually single-minded with little patience for distractions or frivolity. They are also prefer to rely on strategy rather than chance, it’s as if you’re always several chess moves ahead of everyone else. Which is great in a lot of areas of life. Yet, this need to have everything go as planned can get in the way of enjoying life.

If you want to be happier in the coming year, dear INTJ, make an effort to allow yourself to live in the moment. Yes, I know you like to be prepared for everything, but sometimes planning less allows you to just everything about your life.

And if that sounds scary, remember that your ability to think quickly combined with your curious nature will help keep you on top of the important things in life. So, choose to be happier that you can afford more rest and relaxation in your life.

INTP: The Thinker

Your mind is always whirling a mile a minute, my darling INTP. Research is your jam and you know how to analyze everything to ensure the best outcome. Yet, the downside is that this leads to overanalyzing everything. Especially yourself. You can become overly critical, disconnected, and hold yourself to an unrealistic level of perfection.

This is why I’m going to suggest, dear INTP, that the resolution you make so you can be happier is to regularly reflect upon how amazing you are! You’re open-minded, curious, and bring your unique perspective to the world around you.

A great way to train yourself to reflect on the good in your life is to keep a gratitude journal. Keeping a journal in general is a great way, too, to wrangle your thoughts and find the beauty in the imperfections of life.

ENTJ: The Commander

ENTJ’s appear like a whirling dervish to those watching. Seeking ways to be efficient, as a strategic thinker, they are capable of making things happen. Quickly. That’s because you, dear ENTJ are not just energetic, you are strong willed and a force of nature.

The downside of all that ability to get things done is an underlying sense of impatience. And you appear to have unflinching coldness if the face of emotional situations. These lead to the need to hold tighter to every tiny bit you can possibly control. This is where your stubbornness and confidence can actually lead to a sense of dissatisfaction with life.

The best resolution you can make if you want to be happier, dear ENTJ is allowing yourself to just sit back and allow life to happen. Yes, I know (very well as an ENTJ myself) that you like to be in control. But your need to get things done leads to biting off more than you can chew. Combat burnout and exhaustion with letting go.

ENTP: The Visionary

Oh, ENTP, you are a wealth of knowledge. And the queen of thinking outside the box. You’re willing to challenge beliefs, scrutinize the rules, and break the rules. You pride yourself on being not just quick-witted, but audacious at times. Your quick thinking and energy fuels you in all areas of your life. For all your thirst for knowledge and desire to think outside the box can often lead to getting lost in the idea of things and no real persistence with making things happen.

The day to day can seem boring, leading to being dropped for new ideas. Yet, this will frustrate you endlessly in the long run. Because you really DO want to accomplish things.

If you want to be happier in the year ahead, dear ENTP, you need to learn two skills that work hand in hand: focus and follow-through. Make a daily habit of calming your mind through meditation or self-reflection. Your energy may mean an active mediation is the best path to this, however, you’ll love your life and experience more moments of happiness when you realize calming your mind helps you channel your curiosity and enthusiasm about life towards accomplishing your goals.

Resolutions for “Sentinel” Types to be Happier Next Year

Sentinel types are folks who are “Sensing Thinkers”. (The _S_J types.) You are the most grounded of individuals and thrive on order. You appreciate Goals for Sentinel Types to feel happier in the year aheadstability as well.  Sensing Thinkers value integrity and know that supporting others allows them to live a more fulfilled life. Like your iNtuitive Thinker friends, logic is great. Until it isn’t. And that can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction with life.

Here’s some resolutions to make in the year ahead if you want to be happier in the year ahead. Let’s break it down by type.

ISTJ: The Inspector

The ISTJ is the most prevalent of the personality types (around 13%). And that’s a wonderful thing as you  serve as the backbone of our society. The core of an ISTJ’s self-respect comes from a sense of personal integrity. Which often leads you being the go-to person to pick up the slack at work and at home. Unfortunately, this combined with your stubbornness can make you believe that you have to do it all. Alone. Because when times get tough, you tend to blame yourself for any perceived failure.

If you want to be happier in the year ahead, dear ISTJ, you need to allow others to help you. Yes, I know that asking for help goes against your strong sense responsibility and devotion to duty. However, opening up to receive support of others will go a long way this year into helping you avoid burnout. Perhaps you’ll discover that others in your life really can contribute to the quality of your life. Even if they don’t do things exactly like you would do.

ISFJ: The Nurturer

My darling, ISFJ, you are reliable, capable, have a can-do attitude, and thrive on stability. Despite being introverted, you have a special talent for making others feel as if they are important. You’re always supportive of others and are always willing to help others by taking action. But this can lead to overcommitting yourself. But because you so value others, you internalize your feelings yet are unwilling to cause conflict in any of your relationships.

ISFJs should start taking more credit for all that you contribute if you want to be happier in the year ahead. Yes, I know that you are inherently humble, but learning to take credit for your work will keep you from taking things personally. And keep others from taking advantage of you because learning to take credit for all the big and little things you contribute also helps you shore up your boundaries.  when life is challenging. You’ll be happier when you are true to yourself by bring out the best in others and give yourself time to shine in the spotlight!

ESTJ: The Supervisor

For my ESTJ friends, know that you are valued for your ability to lead, bring folks together, and the way you powerfully lead the way when times are challenging. You prefer to address conflict head-on with a rational approach. However, this direct honesty can sometimes come across as tactless or judgmental. Which is the opposite of how you want to lead others.

You can be happier in the year ahead, ESTJ, if you learn to get in touch with your emotions. Yes, I know that emotions may be uncomfortable in the face of the more reliable logic. But learning to identify and understand emotions will lead to understand yourself better. And how to have more empathy for others. And your deep sense of loyalty and patience will reward you with the opportunities to access more daily joy.

ESFJ: The Provider

Life is sweetest when you share life with others, dear ESFJ. Your bubbly spirit and warmth enable you to smooth ruffled feathers. The downside of your ability to connect to others can lead to being too selfless and sacrificing your own care. Or lead to you becoming needy.

Learning to value your alone time is can be the key to be happier in the year ahead. Yes, I know that you thrive on being a loyal friend. and your empathetic and extroverted heart attracts others to you, so you may rarely have time alone with your thoughts. But alone time isn’t antisocial, it is good for you. So, make your life more nourishing by making space to listen to your own heart.

Resolutions for “Explorer” Types to be Happier Next Year

Explorer types are folks who are “Sensing Perceivers”. (The _S_P types.)  You crave adventure, variety, and value a life of opportunity. You like to Resolutions for Explorer Types to be Happierdive deeply into a subject until they get bored with it. Though this can make you seem like a bit of a dilettante, the truth is, you’re just are multi-passionate. And comfortable with uncertainty.

Here’s a breakdown of how the four Sensing Perceiver types can be happier in the year ahead.

ISTP: The Craftsman

Hey there, dear ISTPs, you are a walking contradiction because you are incredibly practical and rational, yet also value spontaneity. Your insatiable curiosity combined with knowing how to prioritize things leads to satisfaction with pursuing your goals. While this may seem that you’re the life of the party when you’re with others, in truth you get bored easily and hold your cards close. This can lead to being too internalized and shutting out others. And that can come across as insensitive.

One of the greatest soft spots to work in in the coming year, especially if you want to be happier, dear ISTP, is to open up your heart. Your spontaneous energy and calm demeanor help you thrive in almost every area of your life. Especially when new adventures and challenges come your way. Yet you keep your heart close—sometimes too close. But understanding that you can let others into your life in intimate ways while still maintaining an adventurous soul will bring you a lot of nourishment and happiness in the long run.

ISFP: The Composer

As an ISFP, you are curious, imaginative, and free-spirited. While you are the poster child of marching to the beat of your own drum, you also worry about what others might think of you. Thoughtful and perceptive, you are often able to pick up on other people’s unspoken feelings. And it’s easy to fall into the habit of comparing your own life to that of others. Yet, while competition can be good, this can lead to feeling unhappy and dissatisfied.

A great way to be happier in the year ahead, dear ISFP, would be to resolve to stop comparing yourself to others. Especially strangers on the internet. While it’s a positive to congratulate others on their accomplishments, if you slip into that comparison trap you’ll feel as if you never measure up. And you, dear creative one, deserve to experience happiness.

ESTP: The Doer

ESTP folks are full of passion and energy while also blessed with rational mind. You are also known to look before you leap. You enjoy drama, passion, and pleasure, but not for emotional thrills. It’s because it’s so stimulating to your logical minds. People know you for your bold approach to life with the ability to live in the moment. Yet, this can often lead to impatience and insensitivity.

If you want to be happier in the year ahead, dear, ESTP, you need to cultivate the ability to chill out and slow down. I’m not suggesting that you stop taking risks nor am I suggesting you stop loving life. Rather, it’s the opportunity to set boundaries with yourself by saying NO every once in a while.

ESFP: The Performer

You are a shining beam of light to the world, my ESFP friends. You are also sensitive, and the person a friend can go to when they are in crisis. Just because you enjoy the spotlight doesn’t keep you from providing supportive kindness and good advice. Yet, you are often so focused on immediate pleasures that you can find yourself neglecting duties and responsibilities that makes those large (and small) luxuries possible.

Dearest, ESFP, if you want to be happier in the year ahead, you need to embrace stability and routines. Your exuberance, flexibility, and accepting nature of new things means you can become unfocused. And lose sight of your own values and goals. You can still appreciate people and opportunities. And also make better plans to foster these areas of your life rather than look for new challenges.

Resolutions for “Diplomat” Types to be Happier Next Year

Diplomat types are folks who are “iNtuitive Feelers”. (The _NF_ types.)  Full of empathy, your passionate approach to life is enhanced by your ability Diplomat Type Resolutions for a happier year aheadto be diplomatic. This gives you a deep insight into others, often understanding their actions and reactions to life before they do. Yet, you work hard not to cause stress in others. At the sacrifice of your own needs.

And, your idealism means that you can become combative…and when that happens you feel pretty rotten about yourself.

Here’s how to be happier in the year ahead and resolutions to set for you iNtuitive Feelers.

INFJ: The Counselor

You sure do shine, INFJ, when it comes to connecting with others in a sensitive and warm ways. You are guided by your personal values and values. With an inborn sense of morality, you fight for what you believe in. On the flip side, though, you often feel misunderstood and turn criticism inward.

You should resolve to be more forgiving of yourself, dear INFJ if you want to be happier. Yes, I know that you strive for excellence and want to be of service to others. But, darling, you can still help others without needing to be perfect. Allow your self-worth comes from within rather look to others for validation.

INFP: The Idealist

For my INFP friends out there, you seek the good in everyone. Open-minded and imaginative, you apply a creative and caring approach to everything you do. While you love your alone time, you can become vulnerable to loneliness. You long to be accepted but also dislike pretending to be anything other than yourself. Yet, you also want to please others. All this combined means that you can feel not just lonely, but fixated on trying please others.

My dear INFP, if you want to be happier in the year ahead, resolve to share your gifts with others. In trying to please others, you hide your own light under a bushel so to speak. You can appreciate the goodness in others and be open to sharing your loveliness with others for a richer life.

ENFJ: The Giver

You love to help others, ENFJ. You’re forthright and back your strong values with the creative energy to achieve your goals. You put your money where your mouth is, though, and are the reliable person people can turn to. Unfortunately, caring for others means you forget to care for someone really important: yourself.

If you want to be happier in the year ahead, dear ENFJ, the you need to plan for self-care. The most practical advice I have for you is to make those appointments for manicures, haircuts, and dental appointments ASAP. Remember when you don’t take care of yourself it’s hard to something you value: caring for others.

ENFP: The Champion

You’re a free spirit ENFP, with a curious and enthusiastic approach to life. When it comes to big ideas, you’re right there to see it through with a sense of hope and vibrant energy. You also long for deep connections with others. The flipside of this ability to connect and warmhearted approach to others is to overcommit. And your desire to be upbeat can backfire

You’ll find it easier to be happier in the year ahead, dear ENFP, by making the resolution to deal with your stress as it rises. Otherwise, you bottle things up and spend hours worrying and overthinking. Finding an outlet – exercise, journaling, meditation, or even therapy – will be a good tool to teach you process your thoughts and emotions so that you can relieve your emotional burdens.

No matter what your Myers-Briggs Personality Type may be, knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help you be happier in the year ahead.

Understanding what gets in the way of living a life that feels loving and nourishing well help you be happier in the year ahead.

This is why making goals based the soft spots of your Myers-Briggs Personality Type can be the path to be happier in the year ahead. Because this approach comes from a space of making life not just happier, but less stressful and overwhelming.

When you are able to better understand your own strengths and pitfalls to loving your life, it benefits not just you. But your loved ones, too. And knowing your MBTI can give you the inspiration to approach any challenge you face with an attitude of learning to be happier.

Because, darling, to live a life you love. And in order to do that, it demands that the decisions you make propel you towards your deepest desires.

Choosing a word of the year can help you be happier in 2024.

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(Side note: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is my all-time favorite personality test when it comes to self-development. By knowing our type (and the type of others in our lives), it can help us understand how we process information and react to life around us. If you don’t know your type, there are many quick online quizzes than can help you find out. (Or, of course, the official assessment )

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