What I’ve Learned About Boundaries

By Living On a Golf Course There are a lot of things I love about living on the golf course. It’s beautifully maintained and often peaceful. The neighbors take immaculate care of their flower gardens. I love sitting on the deck with my morning coffee as the birds have their breakfast and the early golfers […]

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Life Isn’t Certain: But It Helps to Create a Plan

By nature, I’m a planner. It became obvious during my elementary school years when I plotted what to wear and created lists of books I’d be reading that year (and in what order). In high school, I always knew what I’d be wearing a week or more in advance and my college schedule was so […]

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Change and Comfort Can Coexist

When it comes to creating change, most folks will tell you that you have to move away from comfort and into discomfort in order to make it happen. You’ll see phrases and quotes like “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone…” “Move out of your comfort zone. “ “You can only grow if […]

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Stepping Out of The Fast Lane

It’s easy to fall into the fast lane way of living. Our days are full from the moment our feet hit the floor until we fall into bed. We overschedule ourselves, short ourselves on sleep, and buy into the belief that if we slow down, we’ll lose our momentum. Add that to the fact that […]

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Access Your Joy: Create a Gratitude Practice

When someone asks me what one thing they can do to shift their life, without needing to think, ponder, or ruminate in any way, I answer “Gratitude.” When a client asks me how to stay emotionally afloat during a crazy period of time, I tell them to do two things: their gratitude practice and weekly […]

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For Those Times When You Backslide

Creating a life you love is really about finding pleasure in the day-to-day living. To seek the gems in the midst of the craziness that sometimes accompanies us in this life. It also involves feeling the gamut of feelings. We focus on those sweet feelings, the joyful ones, the exhilarating ones. But in order to […]

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Discover Your Magic Pixie Dust

The transition from 2013 to 2014 was different for me. I had evolved light-years from where I was a decade ago, yet knew that there would still be many more miles to go before I took my final sleep. I wanted to more fully occupy who I am on a daily basis. I wanted to […]

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The Secret to Overnight Success

I can’t think of anyone I know who hasn’t wanted life to change overnight. We want to go to bed at night with dreams in our heart and wake to find that, while we slept, our Fairy Godmother, Guardian Angel, or Magic Fairy Dust will have made them into reality. We want to get thin. […]

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If The Circus Beckons: Try The Three L’s

When I was a little girl, especially after a rotten day, I would contemplate running away to the circus. We had visited a place called “Circus World” where the folks working for Barnum & Bailey Circuses would train, and it seemed an ideal place to escape. Because, of course, if I ran away to the […]

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Bring Your Dreams Into Reality With Routines

Do you associate the word habit with something bad? Routine as something that defines you as boring? So many people that I talk with want to shun the idea of routines, but in truth you already have routines in existence. The way you make your coffee, put away your groceries, put your clothes on or […]

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