Pulling Back My Winter Solstice Curtain

I am an incredibly logical person. I want to understand how things work, what makes people tick, and often struggle when things don’t turn out even or fair. I can sometimes seem cold or unfeeling because I am usually able to emotionally disconnect, step back, and take a look at a situation as I pick […]

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Shaking the Blues for the Holidays

A fair number of folks I’ve talked to recently aren’t in the holiday spirit.  They’ve fallen away from regular routines that bring the holidays to life for them and can’t seem to capture them. In fact, many have admitted that they are experience a case of the Holiday Blues. Life has shifted for many of […]

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Let Us Choose Love and Forgiveness

We are knee deep into the holiday season. Thanksgiving is behind us, we are approaching the second Sunday of Advent, and before we know it, Christmas and New Years are upon us. It’s a hard time of year for many thanks to the Ghosts of Christmas Past. I try to remember that when I’m out […]

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Cultivating Gratitude This Season

As we move into the holiday season, it can be easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle. We worry about getting the best deals and buying enough presents for everyone; hosting the perfect holiday party; having a perfectly decorated home. There’s so much pressure to be commercially perfect that we forget […]

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Surviving Holiday Gatherings – Drama Free

Oh, the joys of the holiday season are upon us. Turkey and dressing. Latkes and a cherished family Dreidel. Decorating the Christmas tree while sipping hot cocoa (or spiked eggnog). We look forward to sharing delightful meals, making beautiful memories, and being surrounded by loving and supportive friends and family. Let’s be real, though. The […]

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Lessons from Paris

I was never one of those girls who longed to go to Paris. The idea of Paris – with its fashion and food and history – had an appeal, but to be honest, it wasn’t on my Bucket List of places to visit. I know that I’m wired differently from a great majority of the […]

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Find Your Moments of Perfection with Love

I had three perfect moments before 8 AM on an ordinary Tuesday morning. Though they lasted mere seconds, my heart was awash with gratitude and my soul was bathed in love. One happened during that twilight between dreaming and waking as a crisp breeze floated through the window. The second occurred as we were making […]

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When You Witness the Lives of Others

I spent time recently with some quite accomplished women that I know and adore. It’s soul tending and love and companionship and intimate and connection and life affirming all rolled into conversations over coffee and meandering walks and three course dinners. I know that the future of this world that we live in is up […]

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Hidden Clutter is a Sign of Perfection

When I was a little girl, my grandmother had pink toilet paper. I had forgotten all about it until the other day when I came across this 1960’s ad for Scott’s Toilet Paper. Looking back now, I know that despite my warm childhood memories of her, she wasn’t “perfect”, she was a perfectionist. Everything had […]

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Choose Love

Though each of us is on an individual journey here in this world, there is always a common connection to others. As a coach, I’m able to witness these the underlying themes that we all wrestle with. In a recent week of coaching, I saw the same similar questions coming from quite different people. Though […]

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