When it comes to happiness, sometimes a career change can be just the ticket to shaking your life up.  Especially if you want to find a way to travel as part of your job. And you’re not alone. Zippia’s recent research revealed that only 20% of Americans report being truly passionate about their careers.

Job satisfaction will likely elude you if your career isn’t something you have a genuine interest in. It is no surprise that many career coaches advise people to take up careers that align with their skills and interests. Consequently, if you hate being stuck in a cubicle behind a desk from 9 to 5 and have a strong desire to travel, selecting a job that will permit you to explore makes sense. Here are some of the best careers to consider if you love traveling.

Foreign service

A career change to foreign service might be the best option if you love traveling as much as your country. Foreign service officers, commonly known as diplomats, travel the globe to work on complex matters like disaster aid and immigration on behalf of their country. As a foreign service officer, you will interact with officials from other governments and must be prepared to go to new locations every few years.


Did you know that most of the goods we have in this country arrive at your local store thanks to truck drivers? Trucking is one of the best careers to consider to fulfill your wanderlust. As a truck driver, you will see many towns, countryside, and other spectacular scenery on your many journeys. Many people have to take time off and pay for vacations to enjoy the free exploration and sightseeing a trucking job offers.

If you are a long-haul truck driver, you can do stopovers in many communities to enjoy new restaurants, lakes, hotels, and parks. You may even find new locations that could serve as great vacation destinations for your family. A degree is not necessary to kickstart your trucking adventures, but federal law requires drivers to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to drive. Therefore, enrolling in a good CDL school is crucial if you want to operate in the trucking industry.

Cruise Ship Work

Cruise ship jobs have a widespread reputation for being one of the best jobs that allow you to travel. Indeed, you will see the world in all its glory and interact with people from diverse backgrounds, all while receiving a handsome salary in addition to free food and accommodation. The good news is that cruise ships provide a wide range of services, so there are opportunities for people with diverse skillsets and backgrounds.

For instance, you can be a cashier, technician, server, disc jockey, cleaner, and many more. Although the job is great for travel lovers, it demands immense hard work and long hours, so keep this in mind.

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