Five Keys to Crazy Love Living

L ast weekend, JB and I traveled to Louisville to see the Michael Buble’s “Crazy Love” Tour. We were treated to a fabulous show by a spectacular and charismatic performer. Michael also embodied several keys to living in the zone. Here are my favorite five: Share22Tweet+1PinEmail

L ast weekend, JB  and I traveled to Louisville to see the Michael Buble’s “Crazy Love” Tour.  We were treated to a fabulous show by a spectacular and charismatic performer.  Michael also embodied several keys to living in the zone.  Here are my favorite five:

Re-frame Your Views of a Situation.

After the opening song, Michael said that he saw concerts as boring, so in his eyes, we weren’t there for a concert, but to have a party with him.  He encouraged us to sing along, dance if we were moved to, and not hesitate to kiss our companion as we whispered “he’s singing our song.”.   Like Michael, if you find yourself approaching something distasteful to your thoughts, re-frame it.

A boring meeting can become an opportunity to spend time with co-workers you admire. A stressful business trip chance is your opportunity to explore the unique dining opportunities of your destination.   And that weekend with your in-laws is an opportunity to see these folks through the eyes of love.  After all, you share the love of your partner in common.  Re-framing allows you to turn a situation around into a thought pattern that rocks!

Don’t Worry What Others Think

When telling us to enjoy the party, Michael said that some in the audience may try to shush us when we sing along and our response should be “f*ck off”. After all, its our party. If you live your life by worrying about what others are thinking, you miss the opinion of the only one that matters: yourself. We can’t live a life to please other people or we end up being miserable.   Living life by your own rules is critical to your happiness and authenticity. What others think about your choices is their business.

Live Your Passion

You can’t help but absorb the energy of Michael and his band. They are passionate about music and performing. The joy and satisfaction of spending time doing what you truly love will make you glow and that energy is spread to those you encounter. Take advice from Michael’s current single, Hollywood: “Keep on loving what is true and the world will come to you, you can find it in yourself.” Most of us don’t have the opportunity of entertaining thousands of people every week,  but know this little secret:  Living your passion is the your opportunity to serve others with your own special magic.

Don’t Take Life So Seriously

When introducing his band, Michael joked around and teased. When he talked about “warming up by singing manly songs, and suddenly began belting out a song from Walt Disney’s Alladin. If we can laugh at life on a regular basis, the moments when life isn’t so perfect will be less painful. Humor is God’s gift and we should take advantage of that gift as often as possible. It also allows us to set our ego aside when we can laugh at ourselves, which allows us to embrace effortlessness in living our lives.

Live in the Moment

Towards the end of the concert, Michael talked about how a change in attitude changed his life. After suffering a break-up, he was feeling pretty hopeless and seemed to always be worrying about the future. When he began to live in the moment, his world turned around. Stepping out of worry and heartache into the present moment will put on you on the path to feeling vibrant and alive every day. At the end of the concert, Michael performed one of the most courageous acts I‘ve ever seen by a performer: he silenced the band, took off his microphone, and sang the last lines of “A song for you” acappella. We were treated to the pure sounds of his voice in it’s most naked and vulnerable state.  It may lead you to having some vulnerable moments, but vulnerability is a path to true courage.

Living life in the zone may not always be easy, but I promise you that its the way to the best crazy love – the love of yourself.

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Life coach Debra Smouse helps women feeling overwhelmed by life and/or their schedule recreate their life into one worth falling in love with. A self admitted tarnished southern belle, she now resides in Dayton, OH with the man of her dreams.